Wednesday, January 05, 2011

12 by 12 challenge results, Day 5!

Total weight loss so far this year - 1.4 lbs! 10.6 lbs to go!!

Weekly Totals - Starting 1/1/2011....
Miles - 10.75
Pushups - 100
Crunches - 200
Squats - 210

Daily results of 12 lbs by 12 months old challenge. Day 3....

Totals for the day -
Time - 65mins
Calories burned - 790
Calories consumed - 1,325
Miles - 5.50
ST - none

My run this morning was good though I still have to take walk breaks. I am longing for the day when I am better conditioned and my knee is doing well and I no longer have to walk!!! I am really hoping that my half marathon in April will be one in which I do not need walk breaks. This last half I walked for a short bit each mile and I would like to cut that down significantly if my knee allows. Today the first two miles were hard. My knee felt as if it was giving out twice but for the remainder of my run it held up really well. Tomorrow is cross training at the gym and then Friday I have off before my 7 miler on Saturday.

Here are my splits from todays run/walk.......

5 miles - 54:29 followed by a slow .50 mile cool down.
Splits - M1 - 11:15, M2 - 11:27, M3 - 10:37, M4 - 10:46, M5 - 10:26

What was on my plate for today....

Meal 1 - 1 apple with 1 tsp of peanut butter along with 1 Oat fit packet mixed with Bob's high fiber blend and ground flaxseeds. Water along with morning ACV, cranberry, lemon detox drink

Meal 2 - Afternoon detox drink with 1 serving of homemade raw veggie taboule with broccoli, red onion, lemon, mushrooms, zucchini and peppadew peppers. Black tea.

Meal 3 - Evening detox drink with 1 serving of homemade brown rice and split pea soup with spinach,carrots and mushrooms. Metabolic reset shake with FF milk and frozen berries.

Meal 4 - Decaf nespresso capsule. Yogurt, Bobs high fiber cereal, apple and Ezekiel granola.

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