Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting ready for vacation! Japan here we come!!!

I have not blogged in awhile as there is allot going on and we are getting ready to leave for our vacation to Japan and Singapore. I will be back blogging the 17 th of September.....

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Workout Results 8/16

This morning was one of the hardest runs I can remember. I was so tired because I did not get much sleep last night. My husband was flying to Norway and I always have a problem sleeping until I know he has made it safe. I got up this morning despite wanting to crawl back into bed and completed my 4 mile run. It was NOT fun. My knee was killing me the entire time. I slowed my pace down to an easy jog and I still could not take a step without sharp pain throughout my knee. Todays mission was simply to cover the distance, I did not care how long it took me to do it - JUST DO NOT STOP RUNNING! That was my moto!

I finished with an 11:21 avg pace which is my slowest 4 mile run to date, but at least I got out there and did it! After my run I took my dog for a 1 mile walk, came home and stretched and of course iced! I am going to head out for another walk later today as well as tonight to insure I complete all my scheduled miles for the week.

I will post the rest of the results from the day later on, as of this morning this is what I have done....

Goals achieved for the day -
1. Use my foam roller 3 times - 2 times so far
2. Ice 2 times a day - DONE!
3. Yoga for at least 30 mins -
4. Drink 1 gallon - almost done
5. Complete scheduled run - DONE!
6. Log foods each day - not yet
7. Take all vitamins/supplements - DONE!

Totals for the day -
Time - 63
Calories burned - 693

4 mile slow run with hills followed by a 1 mile walk with dog
45:20 mins / 11:21 avg pace
Mile 1 - 11:25
Mile 2 - 11:18
Mile 3 - 11:44
Mile 4 - 10:56

Friday, August 14, 2009

Workout Results 8/14

My back was feeling much better today. I took it easy and walked twice today covering a total distance of 3.14 miles, not much but I am happy I was able to get out and at least do something. I still cannot believe I hurt my back but I cannot dwell on that but instead I want to focus on what I did right for today! I drank my water, did my PT exercises and I walked outside, staying active instead of sitting on the couch! Today is a mix of small victories but to me, they mean a great deal!

I hope everyone has a blessed and productive weekend!

Goals achieved for the day -
1. Use my foam roller 3 times - DONE!
2. Ice 2 times a day - DONE!
3. Yoga for at least 30 mins - DONE!
4. Drink 1 gallon - DONE!
5. Complete scheduled run - Did not do
6. Log foods each day - DONE!!

Totals for the day -
Time - 3.14 miles of walking
Calories burned - 316
Calories consumed - 1,640

What is a foam roller?

This seems to be a very popular question that I get often, because I set one of my daily goals to use my foam roller 3 times a day. I posted these videos back in May but I think they are worth re-posting as I have found the foam roller to be VERY helpful for me and my IT band issues. My physical therapist had me using this as well as other pilates/yoga type stretches and it really does help with not only the pain but recovery after my runs.


Workout Results 8/13

Shame on me! I did not workout yesterday. I was too caught up in some stuff around the house and my back was bothering, so instead of cross training as planned - I did NOTHING.

I may switch my run for today to tomorrow to allow my back to get better. I think the other day when I was lifting or doing planks I hurt it, I know, I did not even lift heavy but something happened because ever since then it hurts to bend over and when I stand up.

It is always SO hard to report back on the days where I did not reach my goals, but it must be done! I friend of mine the other day wrote about the power of accountability and I too believe it is a key factor for success in reaching goals.

Goals achieved for the day -
1. Use my foam roller 3 times - Did not do
2. Ice 2 times a day - Did not do
3. Yoga for at least 30 mins - Did not do
4. Drink 1 gallon - DONE! YES! One goal I did reach! LOL
5. ST Upper body - Did not do
6. Complete scheduled run - Did not do
7. Log foods each day - DONE!! 1,726 calories consumed

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Workout Results 8/12

Today was wonderful, I did a 5 mile run without any pain from my knee which I am thrilled with!! I held my pace pretty well but on my 3rd and 4th mile I hit some hills, or long steady inclines that gave me a challenge. One lasted for .51 miles straight and it really was a struggle so my pace slowed a bit but I was just so happy that my knee was doing well I did not mind. It is still hard for me to see myself running 13.1 miles when this morning I only did 5 but I have to remind myself of that amazing day in Siberia when out of nowhere I just got out there and ran for 2.5 hours without training ( not wise I know ), but I did it! So I know that I CAN and WILL complete this half strong and injury free, that is my goal. I am a bit concerned regarding the elevation issue because coming from training at 140 ft to 5,371 ft which is the highest elevation around mile 10, will definitely be a challenge! I will however be running in cooler weather with far less humidity so maybe in the end it will all be ok.

Today was my first ST session in what felt like forever, it was harder than my run! I have lost so much of my strength but it has not been a focus of mine since I started doing my triathlons back in May. I will definitely be sore from today and I did not really do that much, it is amazing how much you loose after a long break but I made it through and still managed to NOT drop to my knees during my pushups, though I was tempted!

I will be updating this blog later tonight after I go for a walk with my husband while he does his scheduled run for the day as well as the end result of my goals not yet achieved...

Goals achieved for the day -
1. Use my foam roller 3 times - DONE!
2. Ice 2 times a day - DONE!
3. Yoga for at least 30 mins - Did not do
4. Drink 1 gallon - DONE!
5. ST Upper body - DONE!
6. Complete scheduled run - DONE!
7. Log foods each day - DONE!

Totals for the day
Time - 108 mins
Calories burned - 1,086
Calories consumed - 1,679

Workout 1 - 5 mile run
Time - 53:31 mins / 10:43 mm avg
Calories burned - 753

Mile 1 - 11:05
Mile 2 - 10:26
Mile 3 - 10:56 ( hills)
Mile 4 - 10:52
Mile 5 - 10:14 ( yea!)

Workout 2 - ST Upper body -
Time - 22 mins including a 3 min warm up
Calories burned - 114

Pushups - 45 reps total
Standard military - 15 reps
Diamond - 15 reps
Close grip - 15 reps
Boat pose to suitcase crunch - 3 sets of 10 reps
Lateral to front raise - 2 sets of 20 reps with 5 lbs
Tricep pulldowns with bands - 3 sets of 10 reps for each arm
Laying down tricep extensions - 2 sets of 10 reps with 18.2 lb DBs
Inchworms - 10 reps
Plank holds to failure - 3 reps
Two arm curls - 3 sets of 10 reps with 18.2 lb DBs
Overhead shoulder press - 2 sets of 10 reps with 18.2 lb DBs

Workout 3 - PM 2 mile walk / slow run with husband and dog -
Time - 33 mins
Calories burned - 219

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Workout Results 8/11

Goals achieved for the day -
1. Use my foam roller 3 times - DONE!
2. Ice 2 times a day - DONE!
3. Yoga for at least 30 mins - DONE!
4. Drink 1 gallon - DONE!
5. ST Upper body - Did not do
6. Complete scheduled run - DONE!
7. Log foods each day - DONE!

Totals for the day
Time - 88 mins
Calories burned - 824
Calories consumed - 1,776

2.5 mile walk - 14:42 avg pace - 30:27 mins
Bike - 52 mins total -
10.2 mile bike ride - 16.9 avg mph/ 25.7 max mph
3.3 mile slow cool down ride on trails - 12.0 avg mph

Motivation for today...

This is one of my favorite commercials that Nike has done. It always puts things in perspective for me and is so inspirational!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Workout Results 8/10

I did well today, but my plan for reaching all goals fell short. I did not ST and I failed to complete my yoga, I did however complete my run PAIN FREE!! YEA!! This is a big deal for me. My knee was wonderful, my pace was slower but I am so happy not to be hurting. I am going to change my ST schedule for the week so now it will be Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Goals achieved for the day -
1. Use my foam roller 3 times - DONE!
2. Ice 2 times a day - DONE!
3. Yoga for at least 30 mins - Did not do
4. Drink 1 gallon - DONE!
5. ST Upper body - Did not do
6. Complete scheduled run - DONE!
7. Log foods each day - DONE!

Totals for the day - 3 mile run
Time - 30:27 mins/ avg pace 10:09 mm
Calories burned - 451
Calories consumed - 1,522

Goals for the week - time to make a fresh start!!!

I want to post this before and after photo of again to remind myself how far I have come. If you are struggling today with loosing weight, understand that the decisions you make today could very well change your life forever. Take a chance and start living the life you deserve! Make it happen!!! "Act now. For now is all you have" - Og Mandino

“Supposing you have tried and failed again and again. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call "Failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down.” Mary Pickford

149 days left in 2009. Lets Make today count!!

Ok, Today is a new day, lets see what goals I can reach! This is my mission for today. I will not look ahead and think about all there is to do, I will instead set my focus on the small tasks that are in front of me, crossing off one by one after they are done. I WILL reach every goal I have set for myself today. Period, no exceptions. Here are the facts...I need to get back on track. I have been doing really well but have NOT been punching out those killer workouts that I have been doing for the past 2 years or so. Why, well to be honest, I was tired. My focus was changing to working on my new house and garden. I think it is important to take breaks but there is a time where you have to take a step back and renew your focus and goals. I still have been running and following my half marathon program but stopped lifting weights and working on my yoga/core strength. I really have to kick it up a notch if I am going to meet my goals by the end of this year. I have a few deadlines coming up and I have concerns about how I am doing to accomplish what I have set out to do.

Here are some of my concerns....

My first deadline or goal date is September 4th, the day we leave for our vacation to Singapore and Japan. I am not as worried about Japan as I am Singapore. I desperately need to stay on track while there, especially Singapore as the food there is beyond belief! I mean if you like spicy and exotic food, then Singapore in my opinion, is like non other! We love it there and are looking forward to going back but the heat and humidity will be a struggle for me running. I will be able to run during the day while my husband is at work, and I need to make it a point to log my results from there and watch my portions as much as possible. This will be a challenge. If I stay active during the day in addition to following my workout program I should be ok in terms of not gaining anything while there. Things I can do to help...

1. Drink water and stay hydrated
2. Choose veggies and fruits as much as possible
3. Watch my white rice!!!
4. Complete scheduled runs in addition to ST at the gyms in the hotels.
5. Look at renting bikes for some rides along the ocean
6. Wear running shoes when walking around

My second deadline is October 18th, my half marathon in Denver. I signed up for this for several reasons and my goals for the race are constantly changing. I started out wanting to run as fast as possible and now I just want to run strong and finish in a reasonable time, maybe around 2:30 or so. I need to make this week count more than any other. My plan is getting ready to kick into high gear and the days of 3 mile runs are going to be a distant memory. I need to break the trend of running 3,4 and 5 mile runs and start increasing my distance. The problem is that my knee seems to have problems the longer I run. If I cruise at a good pace for around 3 or 4 miles, I am fine. but the minute I start going longer or faster my knee starts to hurt. I am using Runner's world Smart coach program and following it each week, with the exception of a few runs that I have had to make up due to my knee. I like the program but there are times it seems slow in terms of building up my mileage, but I am going to follow the program and hope for the best!

Now that I have expressed my feelings, I have a decision to make this morning. I am sitting here on this beautiful Monday wondering what my week will look like. What will I accomplish, will my knee be ok or will I have more pain? This day is a chance for me to make a fresh start and return to the format that has worked so well for me in the past. I am here, alive, healthy, happy and blessed to take another breath this morning so I will start my week off with this thought....I am so thankful to have been given another chance this week to do all that I can to take charge of my life and reach my goals.

Here are my goals for this week -

1. Use my foam roller 3 times
2. Ice 2 times a day
3. Yoga for at least 30 mins
4. Drink 1 gallon
5. ST Upper body 3 times
6. Complete 11 miles of running, and 9 miles of walking - 20 miles total
7. Bike 20 miles for the week
8. Complete 200 pushups
9. Log foods each day and maintain at least a 500 caloric deficit
10. Burn 3,500 calories for the week

Workout schedule for the week -

Monday - ST Upper body, Run 3 miles
Tuesday - Walk 3 miles, Bike 10 miles
Wednesday - ST Upper body, Run 5 miles
Thursday - Walk 3 miles, Bike 10 miles
Friday - ST Upper body, Run 3 miles
Saturday - Walk 3 miles
Sunday - Day off

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturday fun....

My husband and I just finished a fantastic 4.6 mile run/walk along the city center riverwalk. We are now off to Lake Conroe for a day of hiking, swimming and exploring. Next weekend he leaves for another trip overseas so I am trying to soak up as much time with him as possible while still being outside and active.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I am doing well this week! Yesterday I was out in my garden for about 4 hours, then last night I went for an awesome run. We are getting a ton done with our place and it is exciting to see the changes!! It is hard to believe that it has been 5 months since we bought our house, this year is flying by!! We have so much that we need to do before the holidays and our family comes to see us! I cannot wait to cook my first Thanksgiving dinner in my new kitchen!

Today is a 3 mile run and some ST. Goals for today....DRINK WATER!!! Yesterday I was so hot from being outside so long and then running in the heat. I really need to make drinking my gallon of water a BIG priority today.

Off to head to the store to get some fresh veggies for dinner tonight! Have a blessed and productive day!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Goals for the week....

I will not be online much this week as I am out working in the yard, painting, and enjoying working on the house with my husband! I am doing well with my program and I have never been happier. I feel so alive and free compared to previous summers when I was so overweight. There is so much life out there to be lived and I intend to make the most out of each day!!! Only 32 more days before we leave for our trip to Singapore and Japan!!!! I want to loose a few more pounds before then, but most of all I am hoping to continue to go strong on my half training while there, that will be hard! I am taking my Garmin with me so I can keep track of my miles etc...Last week was good, I did a total of 14.15 miles, 8 miles of that was running. My times were good and my knee felt better. Even though I am busy this week and will not be online much, I do want to post my goals to remain accountable so here they are....

1. Work on PT exercises twice a day
2. Use my foam roller 3 times a day
3. Ice 2 times a day
4. Drink 1 gallon of water a day
5. Complete all runs for my half training - 10 miles for the week
6. Complete 200 pushup

Schedule of workouts -

Monday - Day off
Tuesday - Run 4 miles, ST upper body
Wednesday - 3 mile run with speed work, core and pilates
Thursday - Day off
Friday - 3 mile run, ST upper body
Saturday - Bike ride or walk - 60 mins
Sunday - Walk 60 mins