Saturday, June 21, 2014

Training W4 6/21 - 6/27

I guess I cannot stay away from my blog too long as once again I am longing to be back posting regularly again. As of now I have been posting mostly to FB but I want to continue my training blogs here as well. I need it. I recently went through old blogs of my races and it was motivating me to press harder even now.

I really do not know where to start as so much as happened these past few months. I guess for a start back here is my W4 Training schedule for this week....

Saturday - 57 min RW, ST and evening 45 min run/easy 
Sunday - 45 RW 
Monday - Swim 2000 yds, evening 45 min run/easy 
Tuesday - Short DB - Bike 10, Run 2, Bike 10, Run 2 
Wednesday - Swim 2500 yds
Thursday - Rest 
Friday - RW 90 mins 

Loads of blogs to catch up on! Will post more later today. 

Monday, June 02, 2014

Training starts again.

June is here and while we are still waiting to move into the new house, I have to get back to regular training despite this busy time in our life.  I have been doing well but recently I was sick for a few days and it knocked me off my program once again. But I am doing better and ready to work hard this week.

My training for this week is as follows.

Monday - RW easy 3 miles with PT
Tuesday - RW 6 miles
Wednesday - Bike 40 mins, Swim 800 yards. 8x25 with RI 20 seconds
Thursday - Bike 40 mins, RW easy
Friday - Swim 800 yards. 3 x100 RI 15 seconds
Saturday - RW 6 miles
Sunday - Rest

I am going to start posting training logs again. They will be short, most likely boring with a bunch of numbers but it will help my training.

Happy to be back. :) Wishing everyone a stellar JUNE!!! Press on!