Monday, July 16, 2012

4 days to go. Feeling encouraged and proud I pressed on.

New totals for July - Day 16
Miles - 64.88
Pushups - 1,950
Squats - 2,587

Quick ST today along with 2 on the treadmill while my little girl took her nap. There is much to do this week but I want to finish strong and get in a few more workouts before we leave. I am very pleased with how my body has responded to my strength training, my diet and the overall changes I am seeing. I am actually looking forward to a new challenge which will start Monday August 6th.

Here are my results from today...

Morning ST - 30:03 mins -

Standard Military Push ups - 5 sets of 20 reps
Two arm bicep curls with sumo squats - 3 sets of 20 reps with 20 lb Db's
Squat Press - 3 sets of 20 reps using a 33 lb...(15 kg) plate
Plank Row - 3 sets of 30 reps with 8 lb Db's
Plank lateral raise - 3 sets of 30 reps with 8 lb Db's
Horizontal Chops with sumo squats - 3 sets of 20 reps with a 33 lb plate

2 Interval sessions on the tread today -

Running intervals - max speed 12.0 kph and walking intervals punching, pressing and curling 5 and 8 lb Db's - 20 mins, 1.55 miles AP 12:54 mm

Walking incline intervals - 10% and 15% - max interval speed - 7.7 kph @ 10% grade - 25 mins, 1.55 miles AP 16:07

Finally, I did 200 cross body mountain climbers ( 100 reps each side) and then I did 100 Bosu ball pushups ( all military). I am happy I was able to get in 3 good workouts today, all of them short....a total of 75 mins but I pushed hard to make the most of every minute.

Nutrition for the day -

Water - 6 liters
M1 - Natural PB with gluten free crackers and 1/4 grapefruit
M2 - 2 hardboiled egg whites and a whey protein shake with strawberries and spinach
M3 - Organic Kefir with ground flaxseeds, sliced almonds and fresh strawberries. Vitamineral Green
M4 - Ground chicken with eggplant, bell peppers, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and hot peppers sautéed together with olive oil and onions. GF rice cake with natural PB

If hungry later on M5 will be ... 2 eggs scrambled with spinach,mushrooms and a whey protein shake made with water.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Still going strong...

New July Totals - Day 14
Miles - 61.78
Push ups - 1,750
Squats - 2,407

Morning run -  4.4 miles, 41:30, AP 9:25

Core Workout - 38 mins

1. TRX pushups - 100 reps
2. Bosu Ball Cross Body Mountain Climbers - 100 reps ( 50 reps for each side)
3. Windmills - 100 reps holding a 22 lb plate
4, Jump Squat with overhead press - 100 reps using a 12 lb MB
5. Bosu Ball Pushups - 100 reps
6. Weighted V up's holding a 12 lb MB and weighted crunches - 50 reps each - 100 reps total
7. Russian Twist - 100 reps holding a 22 lb plate - 100 reps ( 50 reps for each side)
8. Pendulum twist using a 12 lb MB - 100 reps ( 50 reps each side)
9. Medicine ball pulldown with leg raise - 100 reps using a 12 lb MB ( 50 reps for each side)
10. Medicine ball horizontal chops with sumo squat - 100 reps using a 12 lb MB

Nutrition for the day -

Water - 5 liters
M1 - Scrambled Eggs, greek yogurt with flax, almonds, cashews, apple and blueberries and a whey protein shake
M2 - GF cracker with natural PB
M3 - More of the greek yogurt mix from this morning along with chicken breast baked with zucchini, mushrooms, spinach and tomato sauce...crazy good I tell you :)
M4 - Rice cakes with natural PB
M5 - Protein shake with berries
M6 - Avocado with scrambled eggs

Friday, July 13, 2012

7 days to go with my challenge. MUST finish strong.

I was tired today but I got it done, that is all that matters :) Tomorrow is Core/Cardio Circuit then Sunday will be my next ST day. One week from today we leave, I am starting to get really excited as I pack and shop for more outfits. My shopping trips are just so different that the last time I was preparing to visit this region of the Mediterranean and I was so very overweight. Some times it does not even feel real. Anyways, I need to just stay strong these next few days. My workouts and diet are really producing fabulous results.

New Totals for July - Day 13
Miles - 57.38
Push ups - 1,550
Squats - 2,207

1. Alternating DB curls with 30 lb Db's - Set 1 - 10 reps. Set 2 - 12 reps and Set 3 - 6 reps..I was leaning back on the 6th rep...bad form - not good so I stopped. I want it to be a curl not a swing!
2. TRX - Y's - 50 reps....these were crazy hard for me today. My back was burning
3. DB Squat press - 30 reps with 20 lb Db's
4. TRX - Tricep Extensions - 50 reps
5. MB Jump Squat to overhead press - 30 reps with 12 lb MB
6. Two arm front raise with squat - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's
7. TRX Inverted Row - 50 reps
8. Lateral raise with squat and lateral leg raise - 25 reps for each side - 50 reps total using 10 lb Db's
9. Pushups - Standard military - 100 reps
10. Two arm bicep curl to overhead press - 20 reps using 20 lb Db's then dropping the weight to 10 lb 11. Db's  for another 30 reps - 50 reps total
12. 3 sets of 21's with 10 lb Db's
13. DB cross body punches with static sumo squat - 100 reps using 10 lb Db's

Treadmill Intervals - 5 km, 37:58 mins
Running 3% and 5% @ 8.0 - 11.0 kph
Walking 6% - 15% @ 6.5 - 7.5 kph while lifting 5 lb Db's...curling, punching and overhead press.

I am happy to say that I did run one interval with the Db's but it was only at 3% incline and at 8.5 kph. I was punching with the 5 lb Db's while running  and I have to say I felt like Rocky in that brief moment in time!

Nutrition for the day -

Water for the day - about 4.5 L
M1 - Egg whites, chicken breast, spinach scrambled together. Kefir, ground flaxseeds, almonds, cashews and apple mixed together. A protein shake - whey protein powder with spinach and skim milk
M2 - Whey protein shake with frozen berries and spinach with a little skim milk and water
M3 - Gluten free cracker with natural PB. A small amount of chicken breast and a few cashews and 1/2 of a protein shake I made for my husband and I....whey protein, spinach and berries with skim milk and water
M4 - Ground chicken over a spring mix with almonds, avocado, tomatoes and asparagus.

Cathe's New CrossFire DVD!

I am sitting here this morning planning out what will be my ST workout for today and I will be honest. I feel really good but tried. I know that I have to push it today as I only have one week before we leave.  Remember the start of my 51 day challenge for the cruise? Well it is coming to an end and I must finish strong. I downloaded Cathe's new CrossFire DVD last night and I have to say it looks amazing. She always produces such killer workouts and I love that you can go to Cathe Downloads and purchase all of her dvds.

Here is a clip of the new workout......

I am always looking for new at home workouts to do so I am hoping that this one will deliver just as so many of her dvd's have done for me in the past. We are also looking to order P90X2. I will probably start this one after my marathon which is in October. I am very excited about this one! It looks so challenging. You guys know me, I love a challenge :)

What is your favorite at home workout system? Do share!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

9 days to go! Incredible ST workout. The hard work is paying off...

Post workout smile. Happy to be covered in sweat :)

New July Totals Day 11 -
Miles - 54.28
Push ups - 1,450
Squats - 2,047

Daily totals -
Miles - 2.11 incline intervals holding DB's
Push ups - 400 reps - no knees
Squats - 500 reps

It seems after being stuck in such an endless plateau, my body is really starting to see some real changes from all my ST and clean eating. The inches are coming off and yes, a few pounds as well but I am not really weighing, or focusing on the scale anymore. I am more focused on other goals but I do want to know my weight to get an accurate BF% to see progress.

Today's ST session left me completely exhausted. To be honest, I was struggling the entire time. I almost stopped twice as I had NO energy and I felt so tired. But, I have 9 days to go until we leave for the cruise and motivation won over fatigue. I kept remembering the last 2 times we were in the Mediterranean and how big I was and I always imagined going back when I had lost my weight. I realized that time is NOW! So, I pressed on today and ended up with a killer workout.

Now, about that video I posted on FB and my blog regarding the Medicine ball burpees? I will tell you in ALL honesty......I did TWO. Count them with me! two! That is it. My knees were hurting and I did not want to push it....yes, that is true but I also say that these are HARD! My knee did better with the jump squats holding the MB and pressing it overhead while jumping. So, my new mission is to do these MB burpee things......killer I tell you!

Now for my ST for today....

ST full body - 61:10 mins

Alternating bicep curls with 30 lb DB's - 2 sets of 10 reps, 3rd set only 6 tired!
Alternating bicep curls with leg raise using 20 lb DB's - 50 reps
Solider plank push ups - 50 reps ( raise one arm and and one leg after standard push)
Spiderman push ups - 50 reps
DB press with sumo squat using one 30 lb DB - 50 reps
Jump Squats with overhead press holding a 12 lb DB - 50 reps  LOVED this one!
DB Two arm front raise with squat - 50 reps using 10 lb DB's
Walking push ups - 50reps
Medicine ball cross body mountain climbers - 100 reps ( 50 reps for each side)
Two arm kettle bell swings - 50 reps using a 25 lb KB
Close grip push up - 50 reps
Diamond push up - 50 reps
Medicine ball push ups - 50 reps
Medicine ball horizontal chops with sumo squat - 100 reps using a 12 lb MB
Medicine ball pulldown with leg raise - 100 reps ( 50 reps for each side)
DB Horizontal chop with sumo squat - 50 reps holding one 20 lb DB
DB Diagonal chop with sumo squat - 50 reps holding one 20 lb DB
Two arm bicep curls to overhead press with squat - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's
Lateral raise with sumo squats - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's
Bosu ball push ups - 50 reps
Standard push ups - 50 reps
Bent over lat raise - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's
Bent over lat raise - 50 reps with 5 lb DB's

Afternoon workout - For cardio today, I jumped on the tread for a quick 30 min interval set. I walked 2.11 miles in 30 mins while maintaining intervals from a 3% - 12% incline while holding 5 lb DB's at a max speed of 7.5 kph.  I also walked at a 15% incline but w/o the Db's....will do it next time but I was so tried!

Here was my nutrition for today......

M1 - 1/4 cup of Oats, ground flaxseeds, 1/2 apple and a small amount of my husband's protein shake along with 2 egg whites
M2 -  Protein shake with 1/2 banana and strawberries along with 1 rice cake and natural PB
M3 - 1/2 apple, egg whites, and 1 rice cake with natural PB
M4 - Spinach, broccoli, egg and ground chicken mix
M5 - Grilled chicken breast with steamed kale
M6 - Kefir, ground flaxseeds and almonds

Cheers! Here's to another great day! Blessings....keep pressing on! By the way, this is my LACV I always talk about....fresh lemon with apple cider vinegar.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Medicine Ball Burpees!!

I am adding this to my ST workout for tomorrow! I cannot wait to give it a try! Wish me luck I have a very hard program planned.

Monday, July 09, 2012

11 days to go! 4 workouts today....felt great!

Totals for today -
Miles - 13.32
Push ups - 100
Squats - 300

July totals -
Miles - 52.17
Push ups - 1,050
Squats - 1,547

Workout 1 - Morning Fasting Cardio on tread - 20 mins - alternating 3,6,9 and 12% inclines @7.0 kph while holding 5 lb DB's and doing shoulder presses, front raise, punches etc...anything to get my HR up and increase my burn

Workout 2 - Full body ST after breakfast. Another short session but such a great BURN!

37:14 mins -

1. Alternating bicep curls using 30 lb DB's - 1 set of 16 reps and a second set of 10 reps - totally burned out...felt great!
2. Squat press using 20 lb DB's - 50 reps
3. Plank rows using 5 lb DB's - 50 reps
4. Plank lateral raise using 5 lb DB's - 50 reps....this was the hardest for me. Killer. Hold a high plank with 5 lb DB's and instead of a row you lift your arm out for lateral raise and alternate each arm with still in a high plank - MUST do these over and over......I really loved it.
5. Medicine ball standing crunch with leg raise, twist and pulldown using a 12 lb MB - 50 reps each side.
6. Romanian deadlift to a standing two arm bicep curl using 20 lb DB's - 25 reps for each leg
7. Standard military pushups - 50 reps
8. Medicine ball pushups - 50 reps
9. Jump Squats with overhead raise - 100 reps
10. Two arm bicep curls with sumo squats using 20 lb DB's - 50 reps
11. Kettle bell swings with sumo squat - 50 reps with a 25 lb KB

Workout 3 - Post ST walk on the trails with my little girl in the BOB. Strong walk, nothing fast just a good calorie burn while enjoying the sunny day

1:40 mins - 6.44 miles with hills

Workout 4 - After dinner walk around the lake while my husband got in some miles on the bike - 1:27 mins. 5.52 miles

Nutrition for the day....

M1 - Oats with fresh berries and egg whites
M2 - Whey shake with berries and 1/2 banana
M3 - Spinach salad with 1/2 can of tuna, cottage cheese and egg whites with balsamic vinegar with my VM Green and Earth mix. One GF rice cake with natural PB
M4 - Ground chicken with spinach, eggplant, zucchini with pasta sauce along with a protein shake
M5 - GF rice cake with natural PB

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Fast ST workout but one of my favorites!

On Saturday I did 2 Full body strength training workouts followed by a short walk on the tread......

ST workout 1 - 25 mins

Squat press using one 30 lb DB - 200 reps!! My highest ever with a 30 lb DB...amazing cardio effect with this! I was so tired.

Standard military push ups - 200 reps

Medicine ball chops with sumo squat - 200 reps holding a 12 lb MB

I was drenched in sweat, and it is not even hot here in Norway :) It really was a tremendous workout just short of 25 mins

ST workout 2 - 30 mins

Two arm bicep curls with sumo squats using 20 lb DB's - 100 reps. My highest ever using 20's in each hand and curling both arms together.

Diamond push ups ( no knees) - 100 reps

Medicine ball standing crunch with leg raise and twist - 100 reps for each side holding a 12 lb MB

TRX wide rows - 70 reps...aiming for 100 but I burned out so I switch to a low row for the remaining 30 reps - 100 TRX reps total

One arm DB bent over rows - 3 x 15 reps for each side using one 30 lb DB

I finished this ST set with a good 20 min walk on the tread holding 5 lb DB's and doing shoulder presses, front raises etc....throughout the walk. Total distance 2.2 km

New totals for the month - 12 days left until the cruise!!
Miles - 37.45/75......including running, walking and biking
Push ups - 950/1,000
Squats - 1,247/2,000

My plan for this next week is as follows......

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - Fasting HIIT on tread 20 mins then breakfast followed by ST full body circuit

Tuesday, Thursday - Fast HIIT on tread 20 mins followed by core work. Evening workout - 20 mins of HIIT intervals on tread or the road depending on the weather.

Saturday - Run ( if knee is ok ) if not more HIIT on the tread ( walking with DB's and incline)

Sunday - REST!! :) If the weather is good, a long walk would be great but nothing fast.

Nutrition goals for this week......

Caloric range - 1500 - 1700

Morning meals - protein (egg whites or shakes) plus carb (oats) and berries or apple
Post workout - Protein shake with berries/ banana and skim/soy milk
Lunch - Lean, chicken etc...veggies and sweet potato, squash or eggplant
Mid-day - Protein shake with water, no fruit. Egg whites and greens
Dinner - Lean Meat, Greens.....loads of them with Avocado and a protein shake with water

In between meals, green tea and LACV galore. Cucumber blended with Kale and spinach. VM Green and Earth. Red bell peppers and other veggies.

12 days to go.......I CAN DO THIS!!!

Friday, July 06, 2012

Morning Fuel....

I am sitting here eating oats with ground flax, chia seeds, almonds and protein powder. I also had a spelt chocolate, banana muffin!! Wow. That sound so unhealthy :) It actually isn't, thank heavens. It is made with banana's instead of butter or oil and they use dark chocolate chips! Crazy good...still a treat. A healthy treat but one you do not want to have all the time. I wish I had the full recipe but it is from a whole foods grocery store here, they make them fresh, so very good!

What are you eating to fuel your day? Any favorites?

Great ideas for a crazy core workout! I am going to give this a try!!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

15 days to go!! Daily results!

July Cruise Challenge - 15 days to go
Running/walking Miles - 31.25/75
Biking Miles - 6.2/50
Push ups - 650/1,000
Squats - 747/2,000

I started off this morning with what is sure to be the fastest ST workout ever. I wanted to head out to the trails for my walk but I needed to get a few reps in before I left. Here was my super fast workout.....

15:50 mins. 104 calories burned

Two arm bicep curls with sumo squat using 20 lb DB's - 3 x 15 reps then dropping the 20's and doing the same with 10's - 3 x 15 reps
150 push ups - standard military and Bosu ball
3 x 15 overhead press with sumo squat using 10 lb DB's

That is it :) Told you....super short! But I still felt a great burn.

After my ST we headed out for our walk into town and around the trails. It felt great although I was having a hard time getting my HR up high. Either my Garmin was freaking out or I am really getting some amazing cardio benefits living here :) Regardless, I walked strong. No running today, just a good walk with the stroller and a few good size hills .

13.4 mile walk -  3:24 mins AP - 15:18, 909 calories burned. For my cool down....yes, I am logging it as I was tired, so I want to get credit for it :) Anyways, it was a quick .15 mile cool down but needed as the back of my knee was a bit sore from one of the climbs.

Totals for the day -
Miles - 13.55
Push ups - 150
Squats - 135
Calories burned - 1,043
Calories consumed - 1,567

Here is a look at a few pictures from my walk was beautiful :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

16 days to go! Daily totals....

Another great day!! I kept it light today as I was sore from yesterday but I still managed to get a good burn overall. I did 3 short workouts today.....

July Totals - 16 days until the cruise!!
Running/walking miles - 17.7/75
Bike Miles - 6.2/50
Push ups - 500/1,000
Squats - 612/2,000

Light ST with Cathe's Cardio supersets dvd using 10 lb DB's - 20 mins - 103 calories burned

Spin bike - 20 mins - 6.2 miles, 108 calories burned

Walking on the tread - 48:29 mins, 3.1 miles, walked carrying 5 lb DB's at a 6% incline and speeds from 6 - 7.5 kph finished with pushups and MB work. Calories burned - 342
150 pushups for the day along with 100 squats ( some with DB's from the dvd)

Daily totals -
Calories consumed - 1,419
Calories burned - 558

Tomorrow will be a long walk if the weather is good! Keep pressing on!

Here is a look at the Cathe Supersets dvd. I only did 20 mins but it was amazing!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

17 days to go! I really reached today and it felt AMAZING!!

Today was great. I once again woke up and decided NOT to focus on the scale but to celebrate this day as a chance to strive for more and do my best!! I worked hard, burned a good amount of calories and I ate well. I feel happy....truly happy ;)

Totals for July Cruise Challenge - 17 days to go!!!
Running/Walking Miles - 14.6/75
Biking Miles - 0/50
Push ups - 350/1,000
Squats - 512/2,000

Daily Totals -
Calories burned - 953
Calories consumed - 1,702
Deficit for the day - 681

ST Full Body -  55 mins - AHR 139, Calories burned - 458 ( aprox as my Garmin was set for my husband's weight and info. Used Spark to calculate calories)

1. Squat press - 3 x 12 reps with 20 lb DB's
2. Two arm Bicep curl with sumo squat - 3 x 20 reps with 10 lb DB's
3. Two arm Bicep curl with sumo squat  - 3 x 12 reps with 20 lb Db's
4. Squat, curl and press combo - 3 x 20 reps with 10 lb DB's
5. Reverse fly on balance ball - 3 x 20 reps with 3 lb DB's
6. Two arm bent over rows - 3 x 20 reps with 10  lb DB's
7. Horizontal MB chop with squat - 100 reps using a 12 lb MB
8 Horizontal  DB Chop -  3 x 20 with one 20 lb DB
9. Jump Squats - 50 reps
10 Body weight squats - 50 reps
11. TRX Overhead tricep extension - 3 x 15 reps
12. TRX Rows - 3 x 15 reps
13. Lateral raise with squat - 3 x 20 with 10 lb DB's
14. Standard military push up - 50 reps
15. Close grip - 50 reps
16. Bosu ball wide fly push up - 50 reps
17. Spiderman push up - 50 reps
18. Russian twist holding a 12 lb MB - 50 reps for each side - 100 reps total
19. Standing crunch with leg raise holding a 12 lb MB - 50 reps for each side - 100 reps total
20.  Windmills with squat - using a 12 lb MB - 50 reps
21. V ups with overhead pull down holding a 12 lb MB - 50 reps

Cardio for the day - 4.15 miles
Run - 3 mile - 26:02 AP 8:40, AHR 166, Calories burned - 305
M1 - 8:56
M2 - 8:42
M3 - 8:23

Post run walk with one hill interval - 1.15 miles - 20 mins, 190 calories burned

Soaking wet from the rain after my run! I had another jacket on but it did not help. It was soaked and loved every minute of it! Love running in the cold rain :)

Monday, July 02, 2012

A fantastic start to a new month!!

Yesterday was a fantastic! My husband headed out for his bike ride and after about an hour he called me and said to look out the upstairs playroom window. There he was at the top of the hill behind our home where there is an outlook area to view the harbor and the surrounding areas. He had climbed up to the very top for the first time. He set the standard of what this month would be about, reaching new goals and striving to step out of our comfort zone. He came back to the house and I headed out for my run. My husband always says that I inspire him but little does he know just how much HE inspires ME!! 

I started off slow, crazy slow in fact. My knees where killing me and I was beginning to doubt if this run was going to be the epic start to July that I longed for. I kept going and soon came to Melshi where I started off on some trails. I LOVE this area for running. Such great fun. My knee did well but it took it slow and of course I stopped for a few photos! How could you not? The ferns and mossy rocks were vibrant green and the trails where dark due to the clouds above. It was an incredible run. I had walked through the area before with the stroller but always longed to run the paths so filled with beauty.

I love these trails!! A great challenge in a beautiful setting!

After the trails I headed towards Algard, then came back towards town and ultimately stopping at the base of the lake near where we live. My run was a total of 6 miles and my knee felt great so I wanted to stop before I hurt myself. I wanted to finish strong!! My last 3 miles where negative splits and were all sub 9 mm so I was so very happy. I have not been running fast due to my injury so I was happy to see faster numbers despite a hard run. I began walking home but I started thinking why am I walking these hills instead of pushing it and running hill intervals? If this was your LAST day to run would you walk or run the hills..........I would RUN!! And so I did :) I ended up doing another 3.3 miles of hill intervals with walking in between. My pace was crazy slow as I was so tired from my 6 mile run but I was happy to be out there pushing it! I ran up to the same spot where my husband just biked that morning and I called him just has he did with me. There he was out there on the balcony waiting for me to run up with his camera taking pictures of me.

Here are some pictures I took when I made it to the top. This is looking out towards the North Sea and is right behind our house. So beautiful with the storm coming in.

It was a great victorious run.....followed by a hard rain storm while I was still outside! I came back home soaked with cold rain and as I opened the door, there was my husband waiting with towels and a big smile waiting to congratulate me on a stellar run. After some time, I did 100 standard military pushups along with another walk easy, just a good leg stretcher of 1.14 miles. So in total my July 1st was a success, a memory I will NEVER forget!!

Just after finishing my run....seconds before the rain came down HARD!!

July totals so far......19 days to go until we leave for the cruise!!!!

Miles Running/walking - 10.44/75
Miles Biking - 0/50
Push ups - 100/1,000
Squats - 0/2,000

6 mile partial trail run with hills - 56:50 mins AP 9:28

M1 - 10:50
M2 - 9:35
M3 - 10:19
M4 - 8:48
M5 - 8:40
M6 - 8:36

3.3 mile hill interval run with walking/ slow running in between - 41:35 mins AP 12:35

M1 - 15:35
M2 - 14:00
M3 - 9:35
.30 - 2:23

1.14 mile easy walk with the family.