Monday, September 12, 2011

So much to blog, so little time!

We had the best weekend and worked hard getting in all of our workouts. This week is a bit different as we are getting ready for our trip and as usual there are so many things left to be done before leaving.

I have so many wonderful stories to share with you from my workouts but the next few days I am just too busy. I will try and either write them on the plane or during the day when my husband is in his meetings.

I am very excited about taking our Garmins to track our miles running throughout Scotland and England. I am also taking my bands along with Cathe's Travel Fit dvd.  I am sure I will have much to share when we get back!

Thanks SO very much for all the support and encouragement as I continue to press on towards my goals this year.


Here is a clip by the way of the DVD I am taking with me. One of my favorites for sure.....

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Training Schedule 9/6 - 9/14

This is the last week of training before we leave for Scotland and England! Here is my schedule for the next few days.  I have put in 260 miles the past 2 weeks - cycling, running and walking. I could not be happier with how I am progressing. I am going to try and sit down this week and blog about my ride on Saturday as there were many lessons learned and some fantastic memories I want to record.  As far as my weight loss, well it has stalled despite all my workouts. My measurements however are going down with the exception of my thighs....they were up a bit from all the cycling, but they are toning up far more than I thought they would so I am very happy.  Even though I am pleased with how my measurements are going down I still want to shed these last 8 lbs or so by December.  I am hoping as I remain consistent with my training, eventually I will finally reach my goal.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and productive week - REACH HIGH!!!

Tuesday 9/6 - Easy walk with my family - 4 miles or so.  Rest day but wanting to walk so I do not get stiff and still get a few good miles in for fun.

Wednesday 9/7 -  ST along with 60 mins spin bike

Thursday 9/8 -  8 mile run

Friday 9/9 -  Rest

Saturday 9/10 - Brick 30/5 - Ride 30 miles, Run 5

Sunday - 9/11 -  25 mile ride and ST

Monday - 9/12 -  ST along with 4 mile run

Tuesday 9/13 -  4 mile run

Wednesday 9/14 - Leaving for our trip!!!!!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Training Results 8/29 - 9/5

Weekly Totals -
Time - 715 mins
Miles - 110.95

8/29 - Easy 3 mile walk - DONE!
43 mins - AP 14:28 but last mile I walked a 12:34 with the stroller, yea me!

8/30 -  122 mins - 6 miles plus ST - DONE!!
CrossFit/Bootcamp with 3 miles of sprint intervals between sets - 91 mins. 158 pushups completed ALL of them military, no knees :)  3 mile afternoon run - crazy hot and I was slow but I did it. 31:14 mins...10:24 AP.

8/31 - Spinning 60 mins on the Lemond  - DONE!!
18.3 miles -  Cadence work plis a few climbs.
AHR - 120, ARPM - 81

9/1 - OFF. Very sore, too sore in fact from yesterdays ride

9/2 -  OFF

9/3 - 255 mins - 42.3 miles - DONE!!
Brick 32/7- 32.3 mile ride followed by 7 mile run/walk -
32.3 miles on the bike - 2:00 followed by my run - hurting bad so I walked the first 2 miles then ran 5 miles. My husband was having to help put my running shoes now, could not bend down. Groin so sore from Wednesday's hill workout - definitely overdid things.
Splits from the run ....
M1 - 12: 07
M2 - 11:05
M3 - 10: 45
M4 - 10:34
M5 - 10:15

Finished the day with another run/walk of 3 miles ( 45 mins ) to make a total of 42.3 miles for the day - VERY proud of myself. I pressed on despite wanting to stop.

9/4 -  146 mins -  26.46 miles - DONE
23.05 mile ride - 86 mins followed by an easy walk - 3.41 miles with my husband and baby girl in the stroller

9/5 - 60 mins - 13.27  miles - DONE
Easy ride working on cadence drills with husband. Trying to ride in a higher gear to up my cadence. Hard as I am more of a power rider.....lower gear with low cadence. Much work ahead as my coach wants me to ride 85 - 90 and I am at around 77 - 80 rpm as of now on the road.

1.62 mile walk - 29 mins  - easy, nothing big but still logging for miles this month.