Sunday, January 02, 2011

12 by 12 challenge Day 1 results along with Week 1 plan of half marathon training

Weekly Totals - Starting 1/1/2011....
Miles - 3
Pushups - 10
Crunches - 0
Squats - 0

I did very well yesterday. I kept my walk light but still felt amazing, knowing that I did something to better myself. I have my half marathon in 28 days! WOW! I have been not running after my half in December to take care of my knee and keep things light and now another race is upon me. I am taking this race VERY differently as I have another half April 10th that I am trying to train for hard, so this upcoming half will serve as a long training run or a weight loss race as I call it! You know something you sign up for not to reach a PR but just for the joy of doing it and hopefully drop a few pounds along the way.

My April race is now 14 weeks away and I have signed up through Runners World to have my training through Training Peaks. I am hoping it will be a good plan for me!

Here is week one of my half training....

Monday - Easy 2 miler, ST at gym or Cathe/P90X
Tuesday - Rest with light walk
Wednesday - 5 miler, Tempo
Thursday - Easy 2 miler, ST at gym or Cathe/P90X
Friday - Rest with light walk
Saturday - 7 miles walk/run easy
Sunday - Rest

Daily results of 12 lbs by 12 months old challenge. Day 1....

Totals for the day -
Time - 48 mins
Calories burned - 282
Calories consumed - 1,222
Miles - 3
ST - 10 pushups

Meal 1 - Oatfit packet with 1/2 apple and ground flaxseeds. Water and lemon. Morning detox, RWK Just cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar.

Meal 2 - Grilled chicken, spinach, onion, red bell pepper, sun dried tomato pesto sandwich with cup of tortilla soup - no cheese or tortillas, just broth and chicken. Afternoon detox same as morning but with Garden of Life Raw perfect food.

Meal 3 - Red mango yogurt no topping.

Meal 4 - Tortilla crusted tilapia, spinach, bell pepper and broccoli along with evening detox drink ( see above)

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