Tuesday, January 18, 2011

12 by 12 challenge results, Day 18! Early blog today...

I am posting early today as I have SO much to do before the family arrives on Thursday and I am not feeling 100%. Hoping I do not get sick. I have pre-logged all my meals for the day. I am keeping my calories low today as it is another day I am not able to run and therefore do not need as much. 

Wellness totals for the year starting January 1st, 2011..... 

Weight loss - 3 lbs!!! 9 lbs to go!! 
Inches loss - 4.5 inches!! 
Miles - 57.89 

Daily results of 12 lbs by 12 months old challenge. Day 17... 

Time - 0 mins - Rest day 
Calories burned - 0 
Calories consumed - 1,232 

Several of you asked about my 11 super foods chili recipe! Here it is! You of course can change it depending on your taste but it was SO good! 

1 bag of Dry Black beans 
4 cups of Fresh Kale 
4 cups of Fresh Spinach 
2 cups of Grape Tomatoes 
Chipolte peppers in sauce 
8 Garlic cloves 
1 to 2 large Onions 
1 tbsp Grapeseed oil 
1 cup of Shiitake Mushrooms 
1 large Red bell pepper 
1/2 cup Greek Yogurt 
Red peppers - like a Thai chili or whatever chili you want to use 
A large amount of Cilantro but add to taste 
Cumin - add to taste 
Paprika - add to taste 
Sea Salt - add to taste 

Cook the black beans as you normally would. In a pan saute the kale, spinach and other veggies together except for the tomatoes. Drain the Black beans and add to veggie mix along with peppers and greek yogurt. Take about 1 cup of juice from the beans you cooked and add in to the mixture. Top with fresh tomatoes and small slices of Ezekiel sprouted grain corn tortillas, just a small amount! Top with more cilantro if you want. In terms of spice you can add more pepper or salt as you go but I would just add crush red pepper to keep the salt content down. 

When you add the greek yogurt and chipolte peppers in their sauce ( or in a abodo sauce) be sure and mix together really well. It will make a creamy mix. I added 1/2 cup of greek yogurt but you can add more if you want but I like mine HOT! 

What was on my plate today.... 

Meal 1 - Yogurt with Ezekiel granola, fresh blackberries, apple and fresh blueberries. Yogi Detox tea along with cranberry, lemon and ACV detox drink with a TON of water 

Meal 2 - Egg Whites, mushrooms, spinach scramble with a ton of water to drink along with detox tea. 

Meal 3 - Homemade Ginger, Lemon , Swiss chard drink 

Meal 4 - Metabolic reset shake with almond milk 

Meal 5 - 11 superfood veggie chili with 1/2 apple and detox tea.

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