Saturday, December 03, 2011

Busy but doing well.

To say things are moving at a fast pace these days is a major understatement. This month is flying by but all is going very well. I am staying on track with my nutrition and what a tremendous difference it has made! I am still losing!! I just broke a big plateau I had going for awhile and it looks as if things are looking up while the scale is going down, down, down!! Praise God!

I have been getting some new running outfits for Norway and I am happy to say that size Small and Extra Small seems to be working for me! Hard to believe sometimes, but I like it!! Here is a new outfit I got the other day for my marathon training, I love my CWX tights, cannot run without them!

My new LuLuLemon Running jacket size 4...Happy Jen Here! 

The hard work is paying off!! Only a few more pounds to go and I want to drop another 4% in BF. Maybe more but for now that is my goal. Happy Days here! Staying on track while moving feels wonderful. Must stay strong and focused as the weeks pass. Rome is only a few months away and I want to be as lean and strong as possible when I get there! MUST work, work work. Keep lifting my weights and eating clean to make it happen - I can do this but only by the strength of God. 

Blessings! More updates soon to come........