Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Farewell 37...

If I had to have a final workout before my birthday tomorrow then this was a rocking one! I pushed it hard on the bike and loved every minute of it!!!!

20 miles with hill intervals 
Main set - Gear 13 -15 and climbs were G 18 -21. 
670 calories 
AHR - 163 
MHR - 180 

Recovery protein shake with kale and spinach. 

An early birthday present to me!!!

I turn the big 38 tomorrow but apparently in this photo, with no makeup I look 29!! I will take it 😄 

Rain! Rain! Rain!

Another strong storm came through last night. Crazy! We have more rain coming through today. I am ready to see the SUN!!! Today's training will be a ST circuit with treadmill intervals. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Staying strong!

M1 - roasted veg frittata and coffee with almond milk 
M2 - Wild cod and fruit salad / small amount of each. S1 really. 
M3 - GF beef with zucchini noodles 
M4 - GF beef and a salad. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

5/23 to 6/23. A new challenge begins!

Straight to the point...

1. Drop 15 lbs 
2. Log foods daily 
3. Miles - 300 RWB 
4. W30/Paleo 

A good day!

The operation clean out the attic is in full swing and its gong well. No training today but logging my meals and did well. 

M1 - Ez bread, peach and coffee 
M2 - black beans and cornbread. Did not agree with me. No more beans for now! 
M3 - Spinach salad with goat cheese and walnuts with chicken wings. 
M4 - banana chips and cashews. 

For a treat tonight. Homemade coconut berry sorbet! 


We are spending today going through the attic making stacks of things to give away and it is bringing back a flood of memories for us. It's hard parting with baby clothes, toys and some memories from our travels.

have made a few memory boxes for super special items but still, it's so hard! While we were going through boxes, Michaela started dancing to the theme song of How to Train Your Dragon and I stopped to capture the moment....

I am emotional mess today and I am trying to cherish all I can. Seeing her little shoes and clothes is just another reminder of how fast this time goes. So happy I made the most of her precious first few years. 

Thank you God for the blessing of my family. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Finding Joy in the Journey!

It's been forever since I have gathered my thoughts on my journey. What it was, what is has become and what I want for the future. While my time spent to my training has decreased, my passion and determination is strong. One thing I loved about this journey was looking back to my training logs and seeing the details. Reading what I did well and seeing areas where I can improve. So much has changed since our move back to the US.  I have only raced once and my focus has shifted from endurance training to more of a crossfit/bootcamp style of training. I do not even know where it fits in the "fitness mold" anymore and that is ok.

As most of you know I gained quite a bit of weight since 2012/2013 and it has been a struggle to get the weight off and get back to a good, lean weight like I was a few years ago. Things change. We change and I am learning that it is ok. It is ok to be heavier than before. Better perhaps in some respects. If I keep chasing this ideal weight in my head I am afraid it will only set me up for disaster as I train.  Instead, I am trying to lean out over the next 30 days a few lbs then go from there.

It's a struggle, a big one for many of us. We must realize that it is ok. It is ok to be as we are, working hard to better ourselves but we must live in the now. If we chase and chase after the ideal body, we will miss this moment that is before us.

Let's work hard every day to find joy in this struggle, through the challenges, let's find happiness in this moment where we are NOW...not the someday.

Today was another step forward in the right direction for me. Here's to another strong day tomorrow as I start on this new 30 day challenge :)

M1 - Eggs, steak and guacamole and coffee
M2 - EZ bread and coffee with almond milk
M3 - Black beans, cornbread and Wild cod
M4 - Protein shake with super greens blend, grapefruit and homemade berry ice cream made with coconut milk and honey!


Happy days are here again! I am back baby!!! 

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Today's Goals....

Mobility. Mobility. Mobility.....

And drink a lot of water 😀 

M1- Eggs, avocado and a kale protein shake. And coffee. Loads of coffee! 

Tuesday hills....

 It was short and sweet. 9.5 miles climbing with a few RI. Climbs were @G18-21 with recovery @ 15-17. 28 mins. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5/18 Training.

5/18 - Really? Already? This year is flying by. Here is my plan for the week. Nothing crazy. Just steady and strong.

5/18 - Rest
5/19 - Bike 15 hills
5/20 - ST, 3 mile run
5/21 - Bike 20
5/22 - ST, 5 mile run
5/23 - Walk 90 min
5/24 - Rest

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

I cannot think of a better time to start blogging here again....Mother's Day. A day to celebrate the incredible blessing that is being a Mom. As I reflect on the day when I first found out I was pregnant, I remember the woman I was before and who I am now. Motherhood has changed me to the core. It truly has been the most incredible experience of my life. No words could ever express how much I love being a Mom to my precious M. She is my life. 

I have a lot of goals this year, and while I work hard to reach them, the biggest goal for me that must not be overshadowed by all the rest is becoming the best, most encouraging, uplifting and loving Mom I can be. My girl is 5 now and I want to continue to set an example for her in every area of my life. 

As my new summer challenges begin, I look forward to documenting them here as I once did. 

 It's the beginning of a beautiful time in our life and I cannot wait to see how this year unfolds! 

Happy Mother's Day to you all. 💜