Sunday, September 07, 2014

W30/300 Day 7. Training Week 2

I am running behind for my goals this month and currently I am sick, but nevertheless,  I have to press on with my goals for the month. My totals as of now are 42/300 miles.  I am far off track, but I am hoping to put in some good miles this next week and catch up if possible.

Maybe I will reach my 300 goal, maybe not, but I have to at least try my best. I am running and walking with minimal swelling and pain in my knees so for me, this is huge progress. I just need to stay consistent and remember to take it slow and not rush this process. I took a LONG time off and I cannot expect to be back 100% overnight.

Training Week 2 -

Sunday - Rest (sick)
Monday - RW 4
Tuesday - Bike 20
Wednesday - RW 6, Bike 15
Thursday - Bike 20
Friday - RW 6
Saturday - Rest

Monday, September 01, 2014

Whole30/300 Challenge!!

Tomorrow I start my Whole30/300 challenge. I will continue through Whole 30 as I did this past month but now my focus is shifting to really working hard on building my training base. I need to get back out on the road and really work hard to get in some good miles this month. I am still going in for PT so while my speed may not be there, it does not matter. This month is about covering the distance and doing it without injury.

My goal is to reach 300 miles by October 2nd through cycling, running, walking and swimming. Here is my training schedule for week 1 -

Tuesday - Bike 20, RW 3
Wednesday - RW8
Thursday - ST, Bike 15
Friday - Swim 2,000 yds
Saturday - Bike 15, RW3
Sunday - Rest

I am so far from where I need to be with my training but I have to slowly make my way back so that I can be strong for the 2015 racing season.  My eyes are set firm on the finish line, which for me is next May!

Have a great week everyone. Happy training!