Monday, March 26, 2012

March Update...

March totals as of this morning -

Miles - 96.71/100
Pushups - 1,481/2,000

All is well here!! I am doing very well with my runs and my workouts. I really hope to press hard the next couple of days before we leave for Kayla's birthday trip!! I still cannot believe she is about to be 2. I am so overwhelmed with emotion at times just thinking about how fast everything is going. It really does feel like yesterday I was blogging on here about my pregnancy workouts.  I love this time with her though as she is so fun to watch as she explores the world around her in a very special way!

After Saturday's long run, I was down a bit but I feel better now. My calf is still hurting.....strange as I took yesterday off. I talked with my aunt....the elite runner and physician and I am not to do any hills for 1-2 weeks. I am hoping it will help. I am concerned though on one thing. It is a girl thing.....heels! I have all my boots ready for our trip and I was thinking how it is going to be hard on my calf when I am walking around all day on cobblestones in high boots, then taking off to run in the evenings. Not sure what I am going to do as of yet. I think for Disneyland Paris I will wear my running shoes as that will be the most walking we will do. The other cities around Europe will be via trains and we are renting a car for part of the Alscae region and Switzerland. I just do not want to mess my calf up any further...........for those wondering what on earth I am talking about, on Saturday I had to stop at 11 miles as my right calf cramped up BAD and I could not even walk for a bit after. Then I stretched it out and walked another 5.25 miles and it seemed better but it is still very tight. I have been doing a great amount of hill work........running on toes......and I think it may be a strain.  My splits and info on my run can be found on my dailymile log to the right of this blog. But my AP for the run was 10:11......I was happy with this but I wanted to keep running! Cardio wise I was blazing even at mile 11. It was frustrating but I just hope my calf is ok! So it is FLAT running for me for the next few weeks. Not sure how this will workout as we are going to the Alps! :) I may need to just walk and pick up my long runs when we get back and I can run along the water where it is flat. I do think I can get some good runs in while in Paris as it is pretty flat there.  It will be fun to see where I can run throughout our trip!

Back to the vacation and my goals.......

As much as I love traveling, I have learned how important it is to have a plan and to set goals prior to leaving. There are so many amazing treats that one could easily lose control and come back far off track. So, I am setting goals and trying to keep my marathon training on track while we are gone.

We are going to a region of Europe with GOOD food......and I do mean GOOD!! I am a bread NUT and I go crazy for cheese so  I am going to have to really watch it when we are in France or I am just going to have to get out there and run daily :) Goat cheese is my weakness....not chocolate, not hamburgers.......goat and feta cheese! Mouth is watering now......

So, I will be posting my totals this week before we leave and I hope to meet my push up goal by the first of April......then a new challenge begins!!!! I am going for 120 miles the month of April and probably another 2,000 pushups.......maybe a few more goals as well.

Hope all is well with everyone! Thanks as always for your support!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

PUSH it Jen!!

Ok...goals for today......PUSHUPS! I have to meet my 2,000 rep goal before leaving for our vacation next week., I am aiming for 300 reps....yes, 300 awesome, military, close grip, diamond, T plank, walking, inchworm, dive bomber, solider plank, wide fly......every kind you can imagine BUT not a single rep on my knees.........Ok, now off to PUSH my way towards my goal today! Will update on how I am doing!

Challenge yourself today! Maybe walk a run a mile for the first time or sign up for that race you have always longed to do! Find YOUR challenge for this day and then GO FOR IT!!!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Somewhere In Time....

We were traveling around this weekend scouting out new places for me to run and for Micah to get some long rides in near our home. We stumbled upon this area called Time.

Those who know us well know that it was a very, very special place to us as we realized we were Somewhere in Time!!

The movie is a favorite of ours and we walked down the isle to the main theme of the movie. Seeing the beauty all around us was simply amazing!!!

We took this photo with my iPhone and then used Camera + to process it all from my phone. Loved the result. I cannot wait to run here :)

The Lord is your strength and your shield...

A beautiful reminder of the strength of our Lord and what He can do in our life!

Be blessed today! Smile...every trouble, every trial is in His hands. Rest in Him....

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

My marathon dream. 70 days from now it will come true!

I have always wanted to run a marathon. I have completed several half marathons and triathlons but never a full 26.2 miles. Today was supposed to be the moment I have longed for. Today, was the Rome Marathon. I was registered, flights and hotels were booked since last year all before we knew we were moving to Norway. During the move my training got far off schedule and I did not want to overtrain and hurt my knee. I was feeling a bit down that I was not going to make it to Rome, however after giving the decision a great deal of thought, I was confident that I was making the right choice. Many of you remember the problems I have had with my right knee and the pain it has caused me. I remember my Ortho telling me to be smart about my training as I did not want to have a knee replacement at 40. And so, I did my best to make the smart decision and aim for another race later on so that I would have more time to train properly. 

I have not given up my marathon dream. Rome will be there next year along with a few others I am looking forward to running and I have other races before me this year that I need to focus on.  In many ways my next race will be of even greater importance and significance than Rome.  I am currently registered for my next marathon. We are fully, hotels. etc... and I am well into my training. And so in 70 days, on my 35th birthday, May 27th, I will be running my first marathon in Edinburgh, Scotland!

The Edinburgh Marathon festival is taking place the weekend of the 25th - 27th and when I found out that the marathon was going to take place on my birthday, it was a MUST that this be my first marathon!!! I cannot tell you how excited we are! We leave for Scotland the 24th and will spend a few days there before and after the race. We were just there in September except it was without our little girl, now we will be able to take her to see everything and the best part is that she will be there to see her Mommy run her first marathon and be with me on my 35th birthday! This is sure to be a birthday I will NEVER forget!

Below is a photo taken of me running Arthur's Seat in Scotland back in September. Little did I know at the time that I would be running my first marathon just below on my birthday! I find it beautiful how God has worked out everything in the best possible way.


I took this photo from the Jesus Calling devotional that my aunt gave me from Christmas. It has been the best blessing to me this year. This passage I love so very much......

I want to share more of these beautiful devotionals with you all for they touch my heart in a very special way each day!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid

After reading so much on nutrition, I keep going back to this guideline. I am still looking at various programs, but I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Weil and feel this might be a good change for me at this time. The only difference would be adding in tofu more and increasing my grains....oats, brown rice etc....

However, I am still reading and trying to see what would be best for my family longterm....Vegan or Something similar to the food pyramid listed below.

Here is a link to Dr. Weil's site........

Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vacation Motivation! 2 weeks from today....

I am so excited! Two weeks from today we will be going on vacation and I am so ready...I am already starting to pack! My little girl is turning 2 and we wanted her to have a very special birthday. We are going to Belgium, France, Germany and finally Switzerland!!! While in France, we are going to take a train to Paris and we are going to take her to Disneyland Paris for a few days to celebrate her birthday! I know she may be a bit young but there are shows like The Lion King she will enjoy and it is the 20th anniversary on the park so they are having parades and so on that I think she will enjoy. My husband and I are quite excited as well :) She is our everything and it brings me so much joy knowing that we will be able to show her this part of the world!

We traveled a great deal before we were blessed with her in our life and now the trips become so much more meaningful. So special. As she gets older I know they will become even more special as she learns about the world...the good and the bad. I truly feel it will shape her outlook in a very special way. I did not have this until  I was older and I know that traveling truly changed me. We feel very blessed to be able to give her this experience. I hope she can look back when she is older and see her little 2nd birthday album and know she was loved and we tried to give her the best little birthday we could!!

I am going to need to keep my training schedule strong when on vacation so I am looking at which days I have my long runs planned so that I can head out for a run and stay on track!  I am going to need to do this as I am sure there will be TONS of food....good food......well, good tasting not so good for you food all over the place in a few weeks! I will be smart but of course I will have a latte or two......or three......ok, maybe four :)

I am doing well on my March challenge so far!! Here are my totals......

Miles - 52.06/100
Pushups - 1,100/2,000

I MUST keep my nutrition solid, my running on track and my lifting strong!! 2 weeks until we leave and I want to be in the best shape yet!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 13 of challenge! ST and Cardio....

March totals -
Miles - 45.06/100
Pushups - 1,045/2,000

I have to say I KILLED my ST workout this morning! LOVED IT! Today was my heavy lifting day and so for 91 mins I worked as hard as I could, sweat dripping off of me and I loved each and every second!

I did Cathe's Cardio Superset DVD with 10 lb and one 20 lb DB then I used 3 lb DB's while doing the step work and with many of the lunge routines for added resistance.

Here is a look.....the dvd is 62 mins long and I promise you, it works you hard!!!!

I did not do the cool down but instead added more ST and are my results. I was pretty tired as I had already lifted in the DVD, so I did my favorite 50 rep workout. You have several stations of weights and you go from one to the next, each with 50 reps and you try not to rest too long in between. Ultimate 50 reps circuit training I guess ;)

250 pushups - not a single one on my knees! It was a combo of standard military, close grip, solider plank push, diamond. incline with one arm raise and walking pushups.

Two arm hammer curls with squats - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's
Two arm bicep curls - 50 reps with 20 lb Db's
Two arm bicep curls alternating wide and narrow - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's

Seated shoulder press - 50 reps - 28 reps with 20 lb DB's then I burned out and grabbed my 10 lb DB's to complete the 50 goal - to build up to 50 reps using my 20 lb DBs! :)

Side to side Chops - 50 reps with one 20 lb DB
Horizontal Chops - 50 reps with a 12 lb MB

One arm DB rows - 50 reps for each arm with one 30 lb DB....very proud of this one! Hope to increase weight soon but happy to see I could get out 50 reps per arm at that weight.

Shoulder press with sumo squat - 50 reps with one 20 lb DB

For my nutrition I have pre-logged my meals for the rest of today, though I will probably add in another serving of chicken and maybe an orange.......will see how i feel after lunch. Anyways, here is the link to my nutrition log......

March 13th Nutrition 

I could watch this over and over.....

I found this video sometime back and it was my parents that reminded me of it a few days ago. I will be posting it on the side with the other motivational videos so that I can watch it when I need an extra PUSH!

BE INSPIRED to keep pressing on!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to the Clean Program?

Last year I started the Clean Program and loved the results. I am thinking about going back to this type of eating, well with the exception when we go on vacation in a few weeks. I am going to treat myself then :) But other than when we travel, I would like to keep some of the concepts I learned in the program as I found them to be so helpful.

For now I am going to do the Clean program but still consume Greek Yogurt for this week. I am removing wheat and sweeteners like Truvia and Splenda. I think it will help with the bloating I have been experiencing. A few friends are doing a Paleo 2 week challenge and I am motivated to try this as well.....maybe next week. For now I want to experiment if you will and see if removing the wheat and Truvia will help. Today I already feel....and look better. The distention in my belly as gone down quite a bit. We were reading that sugar alcohols like those found in Truvia can cause bloating and I am hoping that it will help me.

This morning I had my Metabolic Reset shake along with a pumpkin pancake made from quinoa and almond meal. It was so good! We made some homemade Almond milk this weekend and I used the left over meal to make pancakes....Kayla loves them!

Goals for today.....

3 mile run - easy along with Barre ST
Make sure I get my 128 oz of water in
VM Green and Earth - Twice
Stay on elimination diet plan this week - No Truvia or Wheat

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Training Schedule for 3/12 - 3/18

Must keep pressing on.....

Monday - 3 mile run - easy along with Barre Pilates/ST
Tuesday -  ST - Cardio Supersets
Wednesday - 5 mile run - tempo
Thursday -  ST - Afterburn or Supersets along with  HIIT on bike
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 8 mile run - easy

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 10 of challenge......going STRONG!

Getting ready to head our for my run! It was a cold and wet morning, so I layered up......then got crazy hot while out running.

These two photos are of the lake this morning during my run, it was SO beautiful. I had to stop and take a picture. I cannot wait to go back and run there some more, it was truly peaceful and the perfect place for a nice, long run!

 I had a wonderful 6 mile run this morning followed by a strong ST session. I am aiming to do another 5 miles tomorrow morning and some Yoga, my legs need it!!

Totals from today -

6 mile run  55:08 mins - AP 9:10
Calories burned - 504
AHR - 160 MHR - 185

M1 - 9:40
M2 - 9:24
M3 - 9:29
M4 - 9:25
M5 - 9:05
M6 - 8:01

Quick ST post run  - 30 mins

100 military pushups
100 dips
100 horizontal chops with 12 lb MB
2 sets of  2 arm curls of 15 reps with 20 lb DB's
2 sets of 2 arm curls of 20 reps with 10 lb DB's
2 sets of bicep curl to shoulder press - 20 reps with 10 lb DB's
2 sets of shoulder press with squat - 20 reps with 10 lb DB's

March Totals - 
Miles - 42.06/100
Pushups - 780/2,000

Friday, March 09, 2012

Be Inspired!!

This photo is beautiful to me. It speaks to my heart in so many ways.....

Write down a list the excuses you have used in the past for not working out, for letting life pass you by, for not living in the moment. Now, replace the words I can't with the words I am not willing to. We all are blessed with a choice each and every morning to either sit by and waste another day or to make something of each and every opportunity regardless of the circumstances around us. Regardless of barriers, hardships, challenges.....WE CAN OVERCOME!  

Now, get up, get out and MOVE! LIVE! REACH and STRIVE FOR MORE!! 

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Blended Goodness!

Fennel, carrot, cilantro, ginger and celery blended together with water. I added a ton of was great! Looks funky, but healthy :)

Have a blessed day!

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The road less traveled...

I friend from FB took one of my running photos and was so sweet to make this for me. I wanted to share it with you all.

This poem holds a very special meaning to me for it was one the first poems I posted on our family blog back in 2006 when we moved to Siberia. I was not sure where this journey would lead me, but I was ready! I look back now after losing well over 100 lbs and I can now see it was the best decision we ever made! It was scary, but worth the risk!

Always remember to dare to dream, and dare to travel on the unknown path that God sets before you! You never know where it will take you!!

Day 8 of challenge......

March Totals as of 3/8 -

Miles - 36.05/100
Pushups - 680/2,000

I am going to try and get in a few more miles tonight, if the weather here holds. We were able to get in a good 5 miles today, easy pace....just walking and exploring new trails and hills! My hamstrings got a workout despite the slow pace. Always great to know my muscles are working hard!!!

Fuel is fantastic today. More quinoa flakes, Vega shakes, eggs, ground turkey, VM green and Blended Veggies.....good clean good.....a recipe for success!

Here are a few photos I took from our walk today. We found some new and exciting trails. Tough as they are rocky and of course full of hills but what a great workout they gave us!

A great way to get in hill work, trail running and seeing all of God's beautiful creation all during a fantastic workout!! Love these trails so much!!

We found this little one in the forest on the backside of the mountain near the school. It was beautiful it seems to go pretty far down but I did not want to go too far as I was with Kayla in the stroller but you know this weekend during my long run I will check it out ;) It is calling me!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Day 7 of challenge is here....I am ready!!

March totals as of 3/6 -

Miles - 31/100
Pushups - 650/2,000

3/6 Workout results -
JWTS dvd - 40 mins with added ST and pushups - 100 reps
26 mins HIIT on bike - 8 miles
3 mile run hills/trail - 33:02 mins
1.03 mile sprint/hill intervals - 10:31 mins

Yesterday I really pushed hard which I am happy about but I will be honest, today I am really feeling the run last night.

Prior to my run I did Jackie Warner's time saver dvd which I liked but I will say that I think Cathe is more challenging but I enjoyed it and will do it again. I added in more pushups and extra ST with heavy weights for an added challenge. During the DVD I used 10 lb and 5 lb Db's as she performs many reps.......which I loved. I also added in some bicep work on the side. I did 2 sets with10 reps of two arm hammer curls with 20 lb DB's then I did 2 sets of 10 reps of standard two arm bicep curls with 20 lb DB's. I am so happy to see my strength increasing as it has been! After the ST dvd....which was about 40 mins when you add in the extra work I did, I then headed down stairs for a fantastic 26 mins of HIIT on the bike. I did 8 miles of resistance sprint intervals where my resistance was high and yet I was aiming to keep my RPM above 100 then I would recover and start hill intervals and repeat over again. It was a great challenge!

I wrote this on my dailymile log but if there is one thing I learned last night it is the all runs are NOT created equal. Running off trail is very, very hard. It is uneven and your knees, ankles and lower back really take a beating. My back is hurting something fierce today. Last night was hard. I took some Alive and 2 hot baths but could not sleep all night as I was in so much pain. Trust me, nothing would make me happier than to write and say that I am so strong and fit that it did not phase me but I was not prepared for this kind of running. Your stride changes and it makes for a whole body challenge.

The second half of my run was fantastic. SO many of the trails here are properly marked and have a wide gravel surface and it is a pleasure to run on. It was only because I thought for some strange reason I could be a Norwegian Viking and branch off onto the unknown that I am feeling the way I am this morning. I just got caught up in the wide open spaces behind where we live and it looked inviting! No trails, rocks, high grass and uphill leading to an amazing view of the North Sea! How could I not give it a try! Chances are I will be out there again :) It was just so much fun.

Most of the run was either uphill or on trails leading throughout the area. I am finding more and more it is hardest on my knees running downhill, maybe this is something I just need to work on.....not sure. Regardless, I loved every minute of last nights run. After my 3 miles I began sprint and hill intervals. There is a higher hill behind us which begins in front of my house and continues around to the back. I would start sprinting down the street then continue to sprint uphill to the top, then stop and walk to catch my breath, then run again around and down the street to begin another interval. The total distance was 1.03 miles and it gave me 3 intervals. It was a stellar way to end my run and to finish off what was a fantastic day of fitness.

Today is Yoga and Core day! SO thankful for this :)

This mornings fuel was quinoa flakes, ground flaxseeds, apple, chia seeds and raspberries! Great stuff!

Make this day your BEST! What are your goals for this day?


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Vega One!

I have been reading about the changes made with Vega and their Whole Health Optimizer Protein Powder.  I was hoping it would be a change for the better and after trying it, I can honestly say it is the BEST Vegan protein powder I have ever tried!!!!!

I loved it!! My husband was just in the US and he went to Whole Foods to clear them out of some of our must have items while we are over here in Norway. We of course stocked up on Vega One as well as their Smoothie Infusion which is a big hit in our house. My daughter drinks it like a shake and I like to make protein pancakes using it as well.

Here is a link to Vega's website so you can see if Vega One would be something you would want to try! I am curious now to try Shakeology's new Vegan protein powder to compare the taste and ingredients. I love trying out new things.  I know that I am eating lean meats again.....short term as of now, but I still love a Vegan protein powder but often a good one is hard to find. There are so many on the market that are good in terms of ingredients but their taste.......well, I am NOT a fan! My true favorites are Vega, Warrior Food from Health Force Nutrtionals and Sun Warrior protein powder. Life Time Basics has a good one as well. But now after tasting Vega One, it is my favorite and to me, it is the most complete in terms of it's nutritional makeup. Amazing!

Ingredients and Info on Vega One 

Monday, March 05, 2012

March Pushup and Miles Challenge...

This challenge is straight to the point. Run, walk, hike, climb, bike, crawl if needed as many miles as I can this month! I do not care about the scale....I am not worried about measurements this month or even BF%. It is just about getting out there and hitting the pavement and doing my best!

My goal is to get in at least 100 miles but I will aim for more! :)

March total as of today - 19/100 miles

In addition to running etc....I am adding in another pushup goal. I cannot tell you the difference pushups have made in my ST routine.

Pushup totals as of today -  520/ 2,000 reps ( NO knees....only standard military, triceps, close grip etc...)

There you have it! I am off to a great start this month ;)

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Successful ready for bed.

It is 7:29 pm here and I have taken my bath and I am in bed blogging about to seriously fall asleep. Once again my fatigue is beyond words. From the house work, playtime with my girl, working the end of the day I feel just completely exhausted but I also feel so if I did my best and I can rest in knowing I did all I could on this day.

Here are my stats for today......

Fuel - 1,502 calories - Food Log Can be seen HERE

Fitness - ST Circuit Training - 10 stations - 50 reps per station....

1. Military pushups - 50 reps
2. Tricep pushups - Close grip - 25 reps along with Diamond pushups - 25 reps
3. Side tri rise - 50 reps ( 25 reps per side )
4. 2 arm bicep curls - 50 reps using 20 lb DB's.....this was hard, very proud I pressed on
5. Shoulder press - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's
6. Laying down 2 arm tricep extension - 50 reps using 10 lb DB's
7. 2 arm bent over back row - 50 reps using 20 lb DB's......another one I struggled with but I made it!
8. Balance ball reverse flys - 50 reps using 3 lb DB's
9. Horizontal MB chops - 50 reps with 12 lb medicine ball
10. Side to side chops - 50 reps using one 20 lb DB

Cardio - 7 miles Run/Walk with hills

AHR - 128
MHR - 180......I remember running that hill......ugh

6 miles run with walking intervals - had to walk down the hills while pushing my girl then I did running repeats uphill and throughout the run - AP 12:40 - slow but I had to walk a bit more today than I would have liked due to my knee. It is hard pushing her up hills with my knee....but going down hill is actually worse.....

M1 - 14:03
M2 - 13:24
M3 - 12:50
M4 - 12:12
M5 - 13:23
M6 - 10:10

Cool down walk - M 7 - 15 min aprox