Friday, June 29, 2012

I am SO proud I pressed on....21 Days to go. Daily Results...

New totals for my 51 day challenge - Day 30....

Miles - 200/200 - GOAL REACHED!
Push ups - 2,023/2,000 - GOAL REACHED!
Weight loss - 0.4 lbs /5 lbs.....not going to focus on this. I have lost inches and therefore my BF% has gone down, so I am happy.

I woke up yesterday morning with the crazy scale on my mind and I told myself I was NOT going to let it get me down. Yes, I weighed but I took measurements and my husband and I were both shocked that I am really melting those inches away!! My arms are up slightly but my hips and waist are down. Legs are calves where the same. Looks like the hills and strength training are doing me a world of good!

The weather yesterday was stunning! Blue skies and a high of around 61 with an amazing breeze. We headed out for our walk into town. I did walking/running intervals while pushing the stroller and when we reached town my baby girl was asleep. I did not want to stop or wake her so I ran into a store ( forgot to stop my Garmin......ugh) and I grabbed some water and nuts then headed back home. Instead of going up hill to the house I went around to the two lakes near by until I reached 10 miles. Then I made what was the LONGEST walk home ever! I did not think I was going to make it up the last hill home but I did. All total, I did 13.1 miles of walking, running WITH hills today!!

My overall time if off somewhat as I forgot to stop my watch 2 or 3 times.  My splits etc...are on my daily mile site....but my AP for 10 miles was a 12:18 mm.

After my run/walk I did 13.2 miles on the spin bike for a total of 26.3 miles and completing my 200 mile total for my challenge!!

I also did 260 military push ups along with 260 squats for my FB fit challenge I am apart of.

Today I finished my push up goal and the squat goal as well. So this week I did 1,000 squats for the FB challenge and I have completed 2,000 push ups ( all military - no knees) in 30 days!!

Today's ST set was pushups, squats and a bit of light lifting......

Push up set - each 50 reps - 300 reps total
Spiderman ( for my friend Mary)
Bosu Ball
Medicine Ball
Close Grip
Squat press with 10lb DB's - 50 reps
Horizontal MB chop with 10 lb MB and sumo squat - 50 reps
Bicep curls with 10 lb DB's and sumo squat - 50 reps

New Goals??? I still I have 21 days left in my challenge. What to do??? Well, you know me.....REACH HIGHER!!!

My focus needs to be redirected. First and foremost I need to make sure I am eating enough (NATF...I hear you girl) and so to do this I really need to know how many calories I am burning so I can ensure when I log my foods that I am eating enough for my specific caloric needs. I wear my Garmin but I do not always track my caloric burn ( meaning I do not always wear my HRM strap). I am more focused on miles etc. All this is great but I need to get back to the basics. The formula that helped me lose weight. Calories in vs calories out. Normally you would want to track this to see if you are eating too much but in so many cases you can be eating TOO LITTLE! Now that I have lost so much weight I do not burn the calories I used to. Two things have changed. First my overall weight is lower so naturally you burn less. My cardiovascular health is FAR better than when I was overweight so it take so much more for my HR to get really high thus producing a greater burn.

So, with all of this said. Here are my new goals for the remaining 21 days before our Mediterranean cruise!!!

21 day goals -
Walk/Run Miles - 75 (aiming for 25 miles each week)
Bike Miles - 50
Push ups - 1,000 reps
Squats - 2,000 reps

Keep REACHING!! Blessings to all....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

23 days to go. Daily Results...

New totals - Day 28....
Miles - 173.7/200
Push ups - 1,463/2,000
Weight loss - NOTHING.....weighed today and the scale going in the wrong direction :( Must keep pressing on....

Fitness for the day -

ST - with 300 squats and 160 push ups along with 6.53 miles of walking with hill work

Military push ups - 50 reps
One arm overhead press with sumo squat using one 20 lb DB - 50 reps
Body weight squats - 50 reps
Front raise with sumo squat using 8 lb DB's - 50 reps
Lateral raise with sumo squat using 8 lb DB's - 50 reps
Jump Squats - 50 reps
Sumo squat press with one 20 lb DB - 50 reps
Bicep burnout - Alternating bicep curls using 30 lb Db's - 16 reps then switch to 10 lb Db's for two arm curls non stop to 50 it! Heavy to light....great way to BURN!!!

Afternoon walk - 6 miles with HILLS!! I took the hilly route and worked up some hard hills pushing the stroller. It made for a great workout. My ITB seemed to be a bit sore, especially going down hill. I had to keep my pace slow when going down hill as it is so hard on my knees. But I pressed so hard climbing up, especially the last hill home. I took the steep side!! The last turn home is a 20% incline!

After the walk I cooled down for .53 miles then did another 110 military pushups for a total of 160 for the day!

Total miles for the day - 6.53
Walk - 1:37 mins - 6 miles

Nutrition for the day -

M1 - Vega shake with 1 cup of Kale, 1/2 banana and milk

M2 - 1 apple with natural PB and 1 gluten free cracker

M3 - Egg Whites, Salmon, Napa cabbage and a small amount of Tofu mayo mixed together

M4 - Whey protein shake with berries, banana and greek yogurt with flax and chia seeds.

M5 - Turkey breast with tomatoes, chills, avocado and broccoli

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

24 Days to go....

Today was my rest day but I did manage to get in a great walk while my little girl took her nap in the stroller. We walked some of the trails around our house and I did hills but kept my pace slow as it was a rest day.

5.24 mile walk
Time - 90 mins

My nutrition was great today as well so I am happy....

M1- Oats, chia seeds, flaxseeds, apple, walnuts, blueberries and strawberries
M2 - Natural PB with gluten free cracker and an orange
M3 - Egg whites, salmon and spinach
M4 - Protein shake with a banana, kale and spinach
M5 - Egg whites, ground turkey and an apple with chia seeds, flax, strawberries and greek yogurt.

New totals for my challenge -
Miles - 167.2/200
Push ups - 1,353/2,000
Weight loss - 1/5lbs

Monday, June 25, 2012

25 Days to go!! I am pressing on.....

New totals for my challenge - Day 26
Miles - 162/200
Push ups - 1,353/2,000
Weight loss - 1/5 lbs.....BUT inches lost and BF% down....must focus on this.

Fitness for today......

Morning ST Circuit - Time - 21:17 mins - Aiming for under 20 mins next time....

1. Push ups - 200 reps - ALL military alternating - standard, medicine ball, close grip and staggared hands.

2. Sumo squat to overhead press with one 20 lb DB - 100 reps

3. MB Diagonal chop with squat using a 10 lb MB - 100 reps

4. MB Horizontal chop with squat using a 10 lb MB - 100 reps

5. Pull ups - unassisted. No chair, nothing. 4.5 reps....really I should count it as 5 reps but the last one was really not all the way so I am counting it as 4.5 - I did 2 the first set and then 2.5 the second set. I really need to dedicate myself to doing this more. SO VERY hard. Next time I will use a chair or something to help me up so I can do more reps and get stronger.

I was shaking after this workout. I LOVED how fast and effective it was. I was sweating like crazy and my HR was very high, even more so then when I run!! So I love the cardio that was involved in this short but awesome circuit. It is definitely the Mommy of a 2 year old circuit :) Fast and it does the job!!!! When you stay at home with a toddler you do not have all day to have more important things to do :) So I love getting it done early and feeling the burn all day from my hard work!

Afternoon Core Circuit....also called nap time circuit (while my baby girl slept) Time - 32 mins

1. MB Jacknifes with a 10 lb MB - 100 reps

2. Standing oblique crunch with leg raise - 100 reps for each side - 200 reps total

3. Windmills - 100 reps using 10 lb MB

4. Side to side knee lift MB twist holding a 10 lb MB - 100 reps for each side - 200 reps total

5. Suitcase crunch with pullover using a 10 lb MB - 100 reps

6. Bosu ball mountain climbers - 100 reps

7. Russian twist with leg raise using a 10 lb MB - 100 reps for each side - 200 reps total

Cardio - Spin with climb intervals - 64 mins 
Miles - 15.7 - HARD spin today. Higher resistance and climbs....kept my RPM's high.  

Nutrition for the day.....pre-logged dinner to stay on track and not eat the world...crazy hungry today.

M1 - Bobs red mill 10 grain cereal with apple

M2 - Egg whites scrambled with spinach and ground turkey

M3 - Fresh strawberries and blueberries

M4 - Apple, Natural PB with 1 gluten free cracker. Vitamineral Green and Earth with water

M5 - Protein shake with Kale, banana and berries

M6 - Another Protein shake with berries and spinach along with a side cucumber, tomato and hard boiled egg whites. Vitamineral Green and Earth with water and some watermelon

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Goals for the week.....

New totals for my 51 day challenge - Day 25....
Miles - 146.3/200
Push ups - 1,153/2,000
Weight loss - 1/5 lbs

My goals for this week -

Cardio - 50 miles for the week. Walking, running and on the bike
Strength training - MWF - full body circuits or a Cathe DVD for 45 - 60 mins. Also to do at least 500 push ups for the week towards my challenge goal of 2,000.
Weight loss Goal - to just break this INSANE plateau I am in....even if it is .0002 lbs! ;) I would like to lose .5 inches on my waist if possible - will measure tomorrow morning and again next week.

My husband's goals for this week -

Cardio - 50 miles total for the week both on the bike and the tread.
Strength training - 3 rounds of what he now calls the "Jenny-Fit Circuit"....he actually named his WOD app on his phone this! Too cute :) 
Weight loss Goal - 2 lbs 

So proud of him, he lost 2.6 lbs last week towards his goal to lose 20 lbs!! He is working out so very hard and I feel so blessed that he is on this journey with me! Go baby go!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

29 Days to go! Daily Results!

Such a fantastic day!! I started off the morning running around the lake. I did a 4 mile run/walk intervals and my knee felt great. Then we went to the center of town and walked along the harbor and throughout the town for another 6.4 miles.  I am so very tired now but so happy we made the most of the beautiful day. I have a great deal of photos from today but honestly, I am SO VERY tired and so I will have to post them tomorrow.

Nutrition for the day....

M1 - Vega shake with greek yogurt, chia seeds, apple, blueberries and a nectarine

M2 - Whole wheat muffin from the organic food store

M3 - More of the ground turkey kale mix from yesterday

M5 - Salmon burger over spinach with avocado and a protein shake

M6 - Watermelon

Fitness for the day....

 4 mile run walk - I started off walking and taking pics then began to run towards the end of mile one so my splits are rather funny...

Mile 1 - 15:10
Mile 2 - 10:07
Mile 3 -  9:44
Mile 4 - 9:19

After this we did our city walk - 6.4 miles for a total of 10.4 miles for today

New totals - Day 22 of my 51 day challenge!!
Miles - 122.1/200
Pushups - 1,000/2,000
Weight loss - 1/5lbs

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New totals for challenge...

I just got in another workout tonight and so I have new totals!! I did a great 40 min spin on the bike along with 100 Bosu Ball push ups.

21 Day totals -
Miles - 111.7/200
Pushups - 1,000/2000
Weight loss - 1/5lbs

Totally exhausted now from today. Hope to get some great rest so I can come back STRONG tomorrow!!!

30 days to go!! Daily Results!!

Wonderful ST today. It left me so tired and feeling amazing!

Time - 56:26 mins

20 Stations each with 25 reps then when completed repeat the circuit for a second round for a total of 50 reps for each move.

1. Medicine Ball Pushups
2. Sumo squat with bicep curl to shoulder press with 10 lb DB's
3. Military push ups
4. Medicine ball crunch with raise on balance ball
5. Medicine ball twist on balance ball
6. Over head press with static lunge with 10 lb DB's
7. Romanian deadlift with 10 lb DB's - 25 reps for each leg, each round
8. T-plank to pushup
9. Two arm bicep curl with front kick using 10 lb DB's
10. One arm lateral raise ( leaning against a wall) using one 5 lb DB - 25 reps for each arm, each round
11. Reverse fly on balance ball using 5 lb DB's
12. Spiderman Pushups
13. Two arm KB swing using a 25 lb KB
14 Diagonal chop with 10 lb MB - 25 reps each side for each round
15. Functional rotations using 10 lb DB's
16. One arm overhead press with sumo squat and twist - 25 reps for each arm, each round using one 10 lb DB
17. Standing oblique crunch with leg raise  - 25 reps each side for each round
18. Bridge raises on balance ball
19. Roll outs on balance ball
20. One arm rows - 25 reps for each side, each round using one 25 lb KB

Nutrition for the day.....

M1 - Bobs red mill 10 grain cereal and quinoa with flaxseeds, walnuts and chia seeds

M2 - Greek yogurt with chia seeds, blueberries and apple

M3 - Ground turkey with Kale, Spinach, bell peppers and onions over romaine lettuce

M4 - Protein shake with berries, banana and VM Green with Earth

M5 - Watermelon

51 day challenge totals as of today....
Miles - 97.9/200
Pushups - 900/2,000
Weight loss - 1/5 lbs but I measured today and my hips are down even more!! Yea!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

31 Days to go! Daily Results...

We had the most glorious day!! It was beautiful outside, sunny with a high in the upper 50's! We walked from our house into town to shop and play then traveled back home for a total of 10.22 miles of walking!! I did a bit more in the city when we were playing but I stopped my watch as we were just having fun. Coming back home the stroller was very heavy from the shopping and all the groceries so heading up the hill home really got to me. I always feel so out of shape when going back up to the house!

Anyways, today was everything my heart desired. Quality time with my baby girl, a great workout on a lovely day, healthy eating and my dream husband to come home to!

Nutrition for the day.....

M1 - Bobs Red Mill 10 grain cereal with walnuts, apple and a protein shake

M2 - 1 piece of flax bread from Charles and Di while out

M3 - Tuna, quinoa, egg white and spinach mix from yesterday. Fresh Pineapple

M4 - Veggies, quinoa, grilled Cod and a small protein shake

M5 - Watermelon!! My favorite dessert :)

51 day totals as of today.....
Miles - 97.9/200
Push ups - 700/2,000
Weight loss - 1/5lbs

Monday, June 18, 2012

32 days to go! Daily Results....

Today was good. I kept it simple, straight forward and I feel I am on the right track to make this week strong and HOPEFULLY the scale will reward me from my hard work.

Nutrition for the day....

M1 - Protein shake....Whey protein with berries, water and fiber blend. Bobs Red Mill 10 Grain cereal with 1/2 apple and my LACV.  A few bites of homemade muesli with flax and almonds.

Post workout - BCAA's and L- Glutamine with water and VM Green with Earth. 1/2 apple and almonds

M2 - Egg whites, spinach, quinoa, tuna and tons of veggies. Fresh pineapple and apple

M3 - Chicken salad with egg whites, protein shake with 1/2 cup of vegetarian chili

M4 - Homemade muesli with almond, flax and apple

After dinner - VM Green and Earth

Fitness for the day....

Crazy fast ST workout with treadmill intervals. As a Mom I do not have loads of time, especially now that Kayla is order and we are learning and exploring more and more together so my workouts have to be something I can fit into my day. So for this morning I did a fast 12 station circuit in about 30 mins!! Then I got on the treadmill for a quick 20 mins of intervals.

ST 12circuit workout using light weights.....

1. 10 lb medicine ball chops with sumo squat - 50 reps
2. Medicine Ball pushups - 50 reps with high knees between reps
3. Reverse fly on balance ball - 50 reps with 3 lb DB's
4. Military pushups - 50 reps
5. Cross body punch with knee crunch - 50 reps for each side punching with 3 lb DB's
6. Kettle Bell swings with sumo squat - 25 lb KB for 50 reps
7. Spiderman pushups - 50 reps
8. Two arm bicep curls - 50 reps using 10 lb DB's
9. Jackknifes on balance ball - 20 reps
10. Sumo squat with bicep curl to shoulder press combo - 50 reps using 10 lb DB's
11. Sumo squats with two arm front raise using 10 lb DB's - 50 reps
12. Diagonal Medicine ball chops - 50 reps using 10 lb MB

Treadmill intervals - walking at a 6 % incline with 5 lb DB's alternating curls to overhead press with front raise, then alternating running slow, then back to incline - 20 mins

PT for my knee - 35 mins on the bike spinning medium resistance then to light then back up - 11 miles then stretching and foam rolling

51 day challenge totals as of today......
Miles - 87.7/200
Pushups - 700/2,000
Weight loss - 1/5 lbs..........scale is truly hating me these days :( I am going to take it with me on the cruise coming up and I am throwing it overboard...HA!

Happy Monday All :) Keep Pressing on!!


I met Mark on FB not too long ago and his story is one of the most inspirational weight loss stories I have come across. He has lost over 200 lbs WITHOUT surgery and is now a motivational speaker, author, athlete and actor. He has not only changed his life but the lives of many others through his motivational journey.

On his website are youtube videos of his various interviews and you and learn more about his amazing journey....

If you are on FB, check out his page to friend him for a daily dose of inspiration!!

Thank you Mark for the example you set for us all. Your hard work, dedication and positive spirit motivates me to keep pressing on!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I need a strong week...

After taking a few days off, I am longing for a strong week. I am in the middle of my 51 day challenge and while I am doing great, I so desperately want to see better results this week.

My plan is basic, straight to the point.....burn calories, strength training, eat greens, lean proteins and keep moving as much as possible.

Training for this week -

Monday, Wednesday - ST full body circuit with HIIT on tread along with PT on the bike
Tuesday, Thursday - Long walks with some running intervals out on the trails
Friday, Sunday  - ST full body circuit with HIIT on the tread or outside if possible along with PT on the bike
Saturday - Rest

Nutrition for this week -

Focus as usual on greens but really work on adding almonds, avocados get my fat% up overall.
Keep grains to a minimum and only for breakfast ( i.e. oats, oat bran)
Water, water and more water
Keep my apples, cucumbers and peppers out for snacking.
Do not worry too much about calories this tracking just clean eating......I am trying to see if upping my calories will help me bust this insane plateau that I am in right now.

There you have it!!! I am off to crazy tired right now but looking forward to a strong week. It will be interesting to see if this not logging will help me FINALLY see the scale move back down where it was a few months ago. It will be an experimental week but it is worth a try......


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Motivated in spirit but so very tired.

Today it is cloudy, windy and cold outside. Still hard for me to believe it is June. The high for today is supposed to be 52 and there are some very strong winds up here today. Crazy. It is hard when it is so grey and cloudy outside. So for today I will be working out inside although, if I am honest, nothing sounds better than curling up in bed with my baby girl and reading a book, or watching a Discovery program with her. I feel like a lazy Mommy today! :) My energy is so low and so I am going to be sure and get as many greens in as I can along with bee pollen and all the things I know can help get me through the day.

My challenge is going well, just on hold for a few days while I get my body back to feeling normal again. It has been a hard few weeks with my husband gone and my sleep has been off big time. Now, with all of this comes what I am feeling in my heart. I have more motivation and drive right now....but my body cannot keep up with my mind!! So for today, I am going to do what I can. That is right. No set goals, just the desire to make the right food choices, move as much as I can, stretch, get my PT for my knee in and do all I can to make the most of today! It may be as small as getting in my water, making sure I get good nutrient dense foods like Veggies and good fruits, or even getting some rest when my little girl takes her nap.

Some days are about hitting it hard, others are about restoring the body of what it needs. If you are smart about it, your body will thank you!! :)

Wishing everyone a super blessed day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A new day, new goals.

Yesterday's walk/run reminded me once again just how powerful a strong walk can be! I need to remember this as I slowly come back from my injury and prepare for my next race, which is in October.  My knee and calf are responding well to the walk/run intervals and the slower pace I have been running. I also feel the biking as therapy for my knee and my PT exercises have helped as well. As with anything consistency is going to be KEY for me and so I cannot jump the gun and start running fast again or I risk serious injury. So slow and steady is the name of the game for me right now.

On the weight loss front, it is slow. It is like molasses weight loss at the moment but I cannot stress how important taking measurements are and to also take note of your physical fitness too! If you are running better than before, lifting more weights, and eating clean. Do not worry about the scale. We have all heard this a THOUSAND times in the weight loss community but somethings we have to bang it into our minds daily as a reminder. We are human and we want the scale to go down. For me it is holding steady for dear life but my legs and hips have really leaned out this last month. I have the measurements and the loose clothes to prove it! YEA!! So I am happy.

For today. I am going to try and focus on TWO things I NEED to get done. I desperately need to get in some good strength training today. By the way, someone asked me on FB or the blog was ST is short for strength training. :) My goal is to get in at least 100 push ups and some good lifting from Cathe or another circuit dvd. The second goal is to be sure and get in AT LEAST 30 mins of Yoga along with my PT exercises. I always save these for last and I need to make it a priority.

For nutrition....stay on track and keep tracking calories.

It is hard to believe it is Wednesday already. This week as truly flown by! My husband will be back Saturday!!!!! So excited. The forecast shows a cold and rainy weekend. PERFECT for a welcome home celebration ;) I am trying to decide what to cook for a nice dinner when we gets home. Ideas??

37 days until the cruise! MUST reset my mind once again to meet my goals and do what I can TODAY to become my very best. So many times I just feel like stopping......daily at times but there is always this inner voice that whispers....KEEP PRESSING ON! And so I shall once again....

Here are my totals as of this morning......

Yesterday I did an 8 mile WR and 50 pushups

Day 13 totals.....
Miles - 72.2/200
Pushups - 550/2,000
Weight loss - 1/5lbs

Here are a few photos I took yesterday from my walk......

I took this on the way home up the back side of the mountain. We live at the top and going up is always so beautiful.....and exhausting too :)

This was a rocky but fun trail we enjoyed!

Monday, June 11, 2012

39 days to go! Daily Results...

Sure to be the shortest blog ever. I am beyond tried. I did not get my ST in as planned due to the fact the walk with the hills and the stroller left me with an upper back that was worked hard and I was just too tired. Is that allowed?

Daily totals -
Fitness - 6 mile walk with hills - went up the steep side today, worked it hard. 1:38 mins
Calories consumed - 1,486

51 day challenge - Day 12 totals....
Miles - 64.2/200
Pushups - 500/2,000
Weight loss - 1/5 lbs

Goals for today.

So I looked back at what was to be my plan for today. Cathe ST and 60 mins of walking/running.  I am looking outside right now at the overcast, cloudy sky and I do not know if I am going to be able to walk outside or not. I hope so! Thank goodness for the treadmill my precious husband bought me....I might need it today! 

For now, the plan is to get some of my errands done, then come back and get in a good ST session with either Cathe Drill Max, High reps or another dvd. I am aiming for at least 45 mins of solid ST today along with more pushups. For my cardio, I will do all I can to get my 60 mins in along with my 20 mins of PT on the bike for my knee. 

For nutrition, I am keeping the bulk of my carbs in the morning then tapering off as the day goes on. This seems to be working well for me. If I have time I would LOVE to juice today but we will see what happens. Between the errands I need to run, my best friend time with my baby girl which includes loads  ABC's and 123's( my favorite time of the day) my workouts, and laundry, cleaning etc....I am going to have a PACKED day! Did you notice I have laundry and cleaning listed last LAST! Ha!! Funny. 

So, there you have it. My plan for today. Now I know some of you may be reading this thinking why on earth is she posting this??? It is because I feel it is important to plan your day, your goals so you have a set direction to follow throughout your day. I may "to do" lists all the time but I am wanting to post them here for further accountability and to help others learn to plan as well. 

What are your goals for today? 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

40 days to go! 51 day challenge results....

Day 11 totals...

8 miles - 5 mile RW intervals with hills  - 63 mins along with a 3 mile walk post run - 48 mins and then 225 push ups for ST.
Calories consumed - 1,548

51 day challenge totals as of today -
Miles - 58.2/200
Pushups - 500/2,000
Weight loss - 1/5lbs

Happy Sunny Day! Day 11 of my 51 day challenge....

The sun is coming out today and it will be in the mid 50's! So that means that my girl and I are heading outside for some FUN at the park and the lake nearby. I am going to try and get in at least 90 mins of walking if I can. This means LOTS of hills and trails which I love ;) I miss going out to run but at least I can be out there enjoying the beauty around me with my little buddy Kayla!

I also NEED to get in a good amount of pushups today. I will aim for 200 reps as I need to get back on track with my 51 day goal. I was happy to see the scale going down a bit this morning....not much but it is a start!

I got in a good spin last night as part of my PT for my knee. It was a fantastic way to end the day!

Here are my 51 day totals as of today...........40 days to GO!!!

Day 11 of challenge -
Miles - 50.2 /200
Pushups - 275/2,000
Weight loss - 1/5 lbs

What are your goals for this week and what is your plan to REACH them??? GO FOR IT!!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Schedule for this next week.....

I have 7 days until my husband comes home and I am going to use this time to truly work as HARD as I can to tone up and lose what I can from now until then. Now, the scale has decided that He and I are no longer friends but my tape measure LOVES me as do my new clothes, so I plan on using them ( along with that stubborn scale) as a means to track my progress this week.

I want to WOW my husband when we gets back!! :)

Fitness Schedule - It might look like less than normal but I am going for toning to lean out and I do not want to workout so hard I get all puffy. Those who have had hard leg days or hard ST workouts know what I mean. I LOVE how the higher reps with cardio leans me out without swelling. Now....this is for the short term. To build muscle and to lose FAT you NEED to add in heavier lifting days. But the higher rep workouts like Cathe and a Body Pump style ST works very well for me.

Saturday - Physique 57 and added core work with Cathe. A long walk with hills and if I can a quick 20 mins on the spin bike for PT for my knee.

Sunday - Walk outside if the weather is good, if not on the tread. Aiming for at least 45 mins

Monday - ST with Cathe along with at least 60 mins of running/walking

Tuesday -  At least 30 mins on the bike along with a good 30 min walk with hills

Wednesday - ST with Physique 57 and core work along with my biking for PT

Thursday - Long walk and bike ride for my PT

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Rest.........the day my husband comes home!!!!!

***Obviously my walks will be dependent on the weather. Here in Norway you never know what you are going to get!!! So if it is sunny and warm out, you can BET that I am going to be outside working out. So instead of a Cathe DVD or Physique 57, I will be using my TRX.......

For my nutrition......

I need to remember that GREENS ARE KEY!
Watch my sodium intake
Water, water and more water with LACV
Breads/Grains in the morning then taper as the day goes on
Raw always ROCKS :)
Allow myself ONE treat a my favorite peanut butter, or feta cheese in my salad. I am talking about GOOD treats, NOT crazy ones.

Friday, June 08, 2012

42 days to go! Daily Results

Not a lot of time today. This is going to be a short one....

Daily Totals -
Fitness - 10.8 miles - run/walk along with hill intervals and then 20 mins on the spin bike
Calories consumed - 1,446 (pre-logged dinner)

51 day challenge totals as of today -

Miles - 39/200
Pushups - 275/2,000
Weight loss - 0/5 lbs

Monday, June 04, 2012

46 Days to Go! Daily results...

Here I am first thing this morning down stairs in the gym ready for a quick interval set on the treadmill.  My baby girl was sitting behind me drinking her Garden of Life protein shake and watching A Bug's Life. Lol....Mommy's little buddy. The next thing I know she is going to be telling me GO FASTER! Love my time with her. I love that she sees me as active and trying my best. While doing pushups today she was pushing me down laughing as she was adding pressure and weight to was hard I have to tell you. Great training :)

Today was brilliant. Special time with my baby girl, shopping for the cruise, buying smaller sizes than expected....all of it, it was just wonderful.

My fitness today was light, but that is ok as I am still sore from yesterdays first day back to ST. So today was just what I needed. I started off the day with some fasting cardio on the tread, then a few HIIT bodyweight exercises, then a walk while in town with my girl. I also did some core work and 75 military push ups.

Daily totals -
Calories consumed - 1,389
Miles - 2.7 ( aprox via MMR and treadmill)
Pushups - 75

51 day challenge totals as of today -
Miles - 28.2/200
Push ups - 175/2,000 reps
Weight loss - 0/5 lbs

Sunday, June 03, 2012

47 Days to go. Daily Results....

Daily Results - Fitness.....

Fast and effective ST workout this morning. 10 ST moves each with 50 reps.

Military push ups
Mountain Climbers
Two arm dumbbell curls with 10 lb DB's
Balance Ball Bridge raises
Squat with overhead press with 10 lb DB's
Reverse flys on balance ball with 3 lb DB's
Functional rotations with 10 lb DB's
Chops with static sumo squat with one 10 lb DB

This was followed by 60 mins on the spin bike - 20.2 miles - only 2 hard climbs each 90 secs. The rest was fast and flat, tried to keep my RPM over 90. I did have to decrease the resistance mid way through as my knee started hurting just a small amount.

After my spin I stretched and did some Bosu ball core work along with 50 more Bosu push ups.

Daily Results - Nutrition.....

I pre- logged my food for the rest of the day to ensure I eat enough and stay on track.

Total calories for today - 1,397

Very happy with my first day back after being sick. It was tough but I pressed on.

Workout plan for this upcoming week -

Monday - 60 mins walk or bike ride along with PT work and push ups
Tuesday - ST circuit along with 60 min walk or bike ride
Wednesday - 60 min walk or bike ride along with PT work and push ups
Thursday - Rest
Friday - ST circuit along with 60 min walk or bike ride
Saturday - Long walk if possible weather permitting....if not aim for 30 miles on the bike
Sunday - ST circuit and walk if possible

51 day challenge totals as of today -
Miles - 25.5/200
Push ups - 100/2,000 reps
Weight loss - 0/5 lbs

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Feeling somewhat human again. Thank God!

This last week has been so very hard on all of us. We returned back from what was a dream birthday trip and we all got sick! My baby girl had some kind of stomach bug which slowly began the last day on our trip and only got worse when we arrived home. Then my husband became sick the day before he was set to leave for a business trip to Saudi. And finally, I got sick with what felt like a mild case of the flu...body aches, fatigue etc. The good news is that my baby girl has kept down her foods today and she seems to be doing VERY well. Bread, yogurt with oats and her electrolyte drinks seems to be working well for her. My husband called and said while his stomach is still tender he is doing better. The timing of all of this could not have been worse as my husband has a huge schedule of meetings from now until the 16th of June. It is hard without him here. Things are not the same. But we are trying to focus on when we can all be together again.....

I am just so very thankful to God for helping us through this storm. It broke my heart seeing my baby girl so sick. But I KNOW that I KNOW that God was there with us and it is only because of him that we are feeling better and my baby girl is now standing up in front of me dancing to a sesame street video :) Such a beautiful sight to see!

I am back to logging my foods for today which feels good. I cannot wait to get back to a routine. I really do feel that today is the first day I feel encouraged and motivated once again. The windows are open to let some cool fresh air inside and we went to the grocery store this morning which was our first time outside in 5 days!! It was wonderful. It is a lovely day here. Cool....our wind chill is around 44....cold for June!

Here is the view from my living room this morning! SO beautiful.....

Hope everyone has a very blessed day!!