Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One step at a time!

Today was another wonderful workout! I pushed it hard on my run this morning despite the plan to take it slow. Maybe it was from watching so much of the Olympics!! I ran hard, it was a short run, but I pushed it to my upper zones - 4 and 5.  I would run, not in an all out sprint, but hard for as long as possible, then drop back into a steady pace but not my usual easy pace for longer runs. This was hard as I wanted my recovery pace to be slower but I really wanted to take myself harder than I ever had before. Towards the end - after around 20 mins or so of running my all out pace was a bit slower and the same was true for my recovery pace. I could only keep this up  pace a total of  30 mins, but I am glad I pushed it today.  

I am trying to learn more about different training methods not only to increase my time but overall endurance. I have SO much to learn. I can see that I am getting faster, but I have a long way to go from where I am to where I want to be, though, half the fun is going through the journey!! Some day when I cross that line and finish my first marathon I will look back and remember all of these runs and how every step I took, no matter how small it seemed at the time brought me another day closer to that finish line! What a day that will be! 

Workout 1 -  5 min warm up walk followed by a fast 30 min run with a 5 min cool down walk. 

Total time - 40 mins 
Calories burned - 450 
AHR - 82% Zone 4, MHR - 98% Zone 5 - Minutes in zone 4 - 17 mins - zone 5 - 12 mins.  

Workout 2 - 30 mins of Cathe Butts and Guts DVD - 

Walking lunge/ squat combo with 11 lb dumbbells 
Deadlifts with 55 lb barbell 
Single leg squats with one 17.5 lb dumbbell 
Side to side Hammer punches - repeat 2 segments 
Forward thrusting hammer punches - repeat 2 segments 
Free standing squat/ lunge combo - repeat 2 segments 

Total time - 30 mins 
Calories burned - 267 
AHR - 72% Zone 3, MHR - 88% Zone 4 

Totals for the day - 
Time -  70 mins 
Calories burned - 720 
Caloric deficit -  500

Totals for the week - 2 days 
Time - 180 mins 
Calories burned -  1,822
Caloric deficit - 1,300

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