Friday, August 22, 2008

First day running since injury!!

I was so happy today because it was my first time to run since I hurt my leg last week!! I started off with a strong walk for 35 mins, then I ran for 10 mins non stop!! I know it is not what I was doing before, but considering this past week I could not even run, I was SO excited!!! It is a step in the right direction and I feel that I am getting stronger and recovering well. 

I will try to do this again tomorrow and hopefully my leg will be strong and I can make it another 10 mins or more depending on how it feels. I stretched after and I am icing it as we speak. This was a hard experience to learn from...always STRETCH and never do deadlifts right after a hard run...LOL!! But difficult moments in life are there for a reason and as my friend Erin told me, everything happens for a reason so I have to look at this as a lesson I can learn from! 

Workout 1 - 35 min walk with a 10 min run then another 5 min walk. 

Total time - 50.36 mins 
Calories burned - 300
AHR - 115/60% MHR - 158/82% 
Caloric deficit - 400 

Workout 2 - P90X Back and Biceps - did not complete :) I took the night off, got my hair highlighted and went to dinner with friends! I will have to make it up this weekend! 

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