Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not the best of days, but I gave it my all.

Today was hard. My legs were very sore which was odd because yesterday was my day off.  I had to really push it today and I am glad that I did but my legs are feeling pretty shot right now! 

I stopped my first run at 60 mins to stretch, especially my right leg, it was really tight. But after stretching I came back with a second run, which was faster. I did well and finished strong. All in all, it was not my best day, but I did my best.  Hopefully after a good stretch tonight my legs will be back at 100% for tomorrow! 

Workout 1 - 10 min warm up walk followed by a 45 min run and a 5 min walk to cool down and stretch. 

Total time - 60 mins - Run time 45 mins 
Calories burned -  591 
AHR - 77% Zone 3, MHR - 92% Zone 5 

Workout 2 - After stretching from my run, I re- started my HRM for run 2.  I started with a 5 min walk for a warm up then a strong 20 min run and ending with a 5 min walk cool down. 

Total time - 30 mins - Run time 20 mins 
Calories burned -  341 
AHR - 82% Zone 4 , MHR - 95% Zone 5 

Totals for the day - 
Time -  90 mins 
Calories -  932 
Caloric deficit -  750 

Totals for the week - 
Time - 270 mins 
Calories burned - 2,754 - 3 days 
Caloric deficit - 2.350 - 4 days 


Meredith Dalton said...

I found this through your MOM who stopped by the flower shop today and I had to ask about you -- I have thought about you a million and one times and am so happy to see you're doing AWESOME!!!
Please write me back when you have time!!
Meredith Boyd (Dalton)

Bren said...

Jen - It is always a Great Day when you give it your BEST! You did what you could do and that is what counts.
You are in my prayers these days - you know I am a 'worry wart'.

Hugs to you dear friend - keep pushing. I attempted a 'run' today after all the talk on your journal at sparks. NOT GOOD..... I need to keep working up to that. NO biggy - because I gave it my best!

mom and dad said...

Jen - Some days are just tough! Ask any athlete in any sport. QB's get intercepted and running backs fumble. Sometimes a BB player will miss a free throw shot or lay-up. Baseball players strike out all the time. Some marathon runners
"Hit the wall" but come back the next year and do great. The main thing is to keep on, just like you did today. Get some rest, nutrition and get ready for a great day tomorrow. You are such an encouragement to us. Keep it up.