Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wanted to rest, but I couldn't do it.

So today my legs where feeling the remains of yesterday's sprints. I really wanted to rest but in the end decided on a compromise, to make it a light day!  The end result is I feel good  and not too tired and ready for tomorrow, plus I burned some calories! 

Light workout - 7 min walk followed by a 30 min non stop run and then a strong 23 min walk. 

Total time - 60.14 mins 
Calories burned - 540 
HR - Avg. 72% Zone 3, 91% Zone 5 
Caloric deficit - 500. 
Fitness note - It actually felt good to walk today. The run went well, short but effective. I like this plan as a lighter workout, need to try this again next week. 

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erin said...

I love how your "light" day still involves an hour's worth of exercise! How do you find time to exercise so much?