Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting back into the routine...

Today was my first day back and it was a good one. I still feel tired and not exactly up to speed but It felt good to be out in the sunshine. We only have 40 days until we leave for our vacation, so I have to get back into my routine as soon as possible to make up for the time I lost while I was sick.

Wednesday July16th - Slow run and walk outside - warm up walk 4 mins, then slow run for 22 mins, then 24 min walk followed by 50 walking lunges with front kick.
  • Total time - 50 mins
  • Calories Burned - 570
  • HR - Avg - 82% Zone 4 , Max - 98% Zone 5.
  • Caloric Deficit - 500
  • Fitness Note - Good day. First day running since I was sick. It felt good but I had to walk after only 22 mins of running. It felt as if my endurance was lacking but then again it is my first time back and I need to take it slow. Great lunges at the end of my run/walk. Overall , I am proud I got out there and did my best and considering where I was this time last week, I thank God for my health today and the fact that I am feeling so well.


erin said...

Well done! I know it must be frustrating that you can't do as much as you like, but your body will thank you for taking it slow. And I'm sure tomorrow you'll be able to run even longer!


wow! i cannot believe you still burned 570 calories in only 50 minutes. how high was your heart rate? That's great!