Friday, July 18, 2008

My "Rocky" river run!

Tomorrows battle is won during today's practice. - Samurai maxim

Today was a beautiful day! It was around 77F, sunny with a strong breeze. So naturally I had to take my run outdoors!  I have always wanted to run along the riverside but never managed to make the route until today.  During the run I got lost on my way to the river and found myself running in and out of smaller streets, most of which were not in the best condition.  Finally, I turned the corner and noticed the bridge, but it was not the bridge I was looking for. I thought to myself, where in the world am I?  Bound and determined, I kept going and finally found my way to "Lovers bridge" as it is known.  This bridge is where couples come on their wedding day for pictures and such.  The bridge is lined with padlocks. The custom is to place the lock onto the bridge and then throw the key into the river, and then forever you will be "locked" together!  I noticed 2 couples today in their wedding attire walking across the bridge. I felt bad as I was running past everyone all sweaty, and I am sure not smelling very nice!! :) 

Once I made it to the bridge, I had to keep going to this lovely church that I have always wanted to see. Now, when you take this route in a car, it seems so nice. The roads curve and there are a few hills.  I thought it would be easy to run,  but I was not thinking that the hills are completely different when you are running them and not sitting in a car!  So off I went, and after a while I got my second wind.  I ran right up to the church and when I made it I raised my hands in victory--you know, like the scene when Rocky makes it to the top of the stairs!  An old Russian lady looked at me as if I was a nut, but I did not mind, I was proud of what I had accomplished. 

Now in my happiness it occurred to me, ok I made it here, now I have to run back! So off I went following the same route along the river and working those hills once again!  Throughout my run I kept playing my two favorite themes from Rocky, the main theme, and Going the Distance. I could not help but think of the scenes from the original film of him training on the streets, as well as the training scene in Rocky 5 when he was fighting the Russian.  As I was running back through the park, a third wind hit me and I starting sprinting as I went past the statue of Lenin.  I just kept thinking how many times will I be able to sprint past Lenin's statue in the middle of Siberia? It was a beautiful moment for me because when we first moved here we took a video of me standing in front of the governmental buildings by the statue and when I watched the video I was amazed at how big I was. I was shocked and ashamed at how I let myself go. But now, today, 69 pounds later I am racing past that very spot, amazed at how far I have come.  

Today was my longest, hardest run  since I gained my weight, and I am so proud that I got out there and did my best! I want to start running this a couple times a week. The hill work along with the sprints that I did during the run proved to be a massive calorie burn for me and a great challenge! 

Total time - 1:37 mins. 
Calories burned - 1,232 
HR - Avg - 88% zone 4, Max - 106% - Exceeded zone 5 - during hill work and sprints. 
Caloric deficit - 832. 
Fitness Note - 10 min warm up walk followed by a 73 min run with  a couple of walking intervals between sprints and hill work totaling about 8 mins, then after my run a 6 min cool down walk.  

In the spirit of my run today. Here is my favorite clip of the original Rocky film. I play this for motivation all the time. What can I say, I am determined!! Every time I run to the soundtrack, I think of this video! 




Jen that sounds so fantastic! Especially being in Russia and having fun places to explore. Keep up the great work! You really bounced back quickly.

Dee said...

Jen, thanks for posting on my blog. I am glad you found it, and I have found yours. I have not had much time to read about all your workouts, but it looks like you are doing soooooooooo much!! You will definitely be an inspiration to me.