Saturday, July 26, 2008

Push ups and dips....

So the other day I was asked by a friend what a dive bomber push up was. Then I was talking with another friend and she was asking me about dips on the balance ball. So I thought it would be a good idea to post videos of some of these exercises that I am doing.  Try adding these into your routines, they are very effective. 

1. Push ups on the balance ball - Keep your feet together and your core tight and straight. Place your hands on the sides of the ball and move down into a pushup position. Always be aware of your form and make sure you keep your back straight. 

2.  Dive bomber push ups - These work the whole body and are quite a challenge. Go into a downward dog position and slowly move down keeping your torso off of the floor. The go back in reverse ending in your starting downward dog position. 

3. Dips on the balance ball - These work the triceps and your core. Place your hands behind you on the balance ball as if you were doing a standard dip. The only difference is that you are having to use your core to keep your body straight and in good form as you are using the ball instead of the standard chair or bench. 

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erin said...

I'm glad you explained those because I wondered what they were, too! One of the next things I want to purchase is an exercise ball; I've been nervous about getting one because I'm not coordinated, but I know they are great for strengthening the core and are very versatile.

I'm not sure I can do those dive bomber push-ups, but at the beginning of August I'm starting the 100 push ups challenge ( We're moving to a different apartment this Friday, and I'm going to be out of town Mon. and Tues., so I want to wait until I'm back in my normal routine to start it. I don't even think I can do 5 push ups right now, so I'm looking forward to pushing myself and getting stronger!