Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The race I am running.

This morning I was thinking about the name of my site - Jen'sJourney and what exactly is this journey I am on? I have come to realize that there will be days when we are accomplishing more than we ever imagined, and then there are times where we have to fight a little harder to stay in the game. One thing however remains constant, and that is one's attitude. How we view each day, whether good or bad will have a lasting effect. We can choose to look at a challenge and see it as impossible or we can see it as a opportunity, a chance to really dig deep and see what we are made of.   

I am trying every day to make it to that finish line, but where does that line end? Is it when I reach a certain weight or a body fat measurement?  I think the race I am running is not one against a scale or a level of fitness but rather it is the race of life. The one we are all running. We can choose whether we give it our all or sit back and let others race past us. I sat by quietly through out my twenties letting life and all its beauty pass me by until finally I said enough is enough.  

I think each morning we have to ask ourselves how are we running the race of life. This race is one that we cannot repeat, so we have to make every moment count.  We can not stand still, or move backwards, but keep step at a time!  

So I think this journey, or race that I am running is one of self discovery. Finding out who I am and how far I will reach in order to live up to my full potential.

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erin said...

I think about my "journey" in the same way; it's about living, not just being healthier. And really, it's all related: we will live better lives if the lvies we live are healthy ones (I hope that makes sense). And yet health is just one thing to strive for; there is also love and faith and trust and strength, and I know I'll be racing towards those things for the rest of my life!