Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another day closer!

Well today was a good one. It was my first day weight training since I was out sick and so I used light weights with maximum reps. I am getting stronger and starting to feel like myself again!!

30 day shred dvd with extra cardio/leg work and treadmill running intervals.

Total Time - 40.13 mins.
Calories Burned - 351
HR - Avg. 71% Zone 3, Max 92%, Zone 5.
Pushups - walking pushups 17
Caloric Deficit - 600
Fitness Note - Warm up walk with skater lunges, choppers, squats and plyo moves followed by 30 day shred - level 2. I replaced the ab work with extra running intervals. Used 7 lb. and 11 lb. dumbbells, with high reps made for a great burn!

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Bren said...

Happy to see you back at it Jen! Feels good doesn't it? Thanks for all the words of encouragement lately. Looking forward to future workout ideas. KEEP PUSHIN" IT - I know I am.