Friday, July 25, 2008

Awesome day with Drill Max!

So today I did one of my favorite workout dvds, Cathe's Drill Max.  This is an intense dvd, but I absolutely love it. It is a combination of plyometric drills with weights and total body resistance training, not to mention it burns a ton of calories! 

Today was my best Drill Max workout to date. I was so impressed at how my endurance for the drills has increased. On the 6th drill my squat thrust with a tuck were so high! This is a first. I remember the first time I tried to do one of these, I about died. Now not only can I do them without extreme fatigue but my overall conditioning has vastly improved. 

My push ups were good today as well. I am feeling stronger and my core feels more stable with the T-push ups and inverted dive-bombers. I was also happy to have reached a personal record for my balance ball dips, 16 total today, yea!  I remember when I first did these I called my Mom and said, Mom these are so hard, some day I will call you and tell you that I can do 10. Well Mom, today I did 16!! It just goes to show you the difference that adding the balance ball gives you. My chair dips on a bench have been as high as 60, but on the ball you really have to work on keeping your elbows in and your core solid. If you are looking to add intensity to your routine, I highly advise adding dips on the balance ball as well as balance ball pushups.  Drill Max is by far the best cardio and weight training dvd that  I have seen. Cathe makes it fun, yet really gives you a challenge. 

If you are interested in the Drill Max dvd - below is a clip of the different drills you will see in the dvd -  Cathe Drill Max 

Time - 74.15 mins 
Calories burned - 702 
HR - Avg - 74% Zone 3, Max - 89% Zone 4 
Pushups - 16 incline, 12 inverted dive-bombers, 12 core, 10 with hands on balance ball, 10 t- plank ups with 6.6 lb. dumbbells and 5 regular with no weight - total for the day - 65 
Caloric deficit - will report back at the end of the day. 
Fitness note - Great workout today. Used 11lb. and 6.6 lb. dumbbells. So proud of how I did today.  Looking forward to seeing me progress as the months pass.  I am another day closer to reaching my goals! 

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