Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another day closer!

This morning I woke up and felt so tired and just not up to it once again. I was talking with a friend who lives here and she gave me the motivation to make today count!! Then I started thinking about my Dad. Today is his birthday and I wanted to do my best for him today....and I did!! Happy Birthday Dad, thank you for all your love and support it really helps me stay focused and gives me the strength to keep going. 

So today I did not use any of my DVD's but rather I came up with my own workout based on moves I have seen from the internet, Making The Cut, and my Cathe workouts. I really liked the flow of the program and will definitely be doing this again.  

My runs where good, not fast, just strong and steady. It is amazing how fatigued you get after lifting, so alternating the cardio with strength training really gave me a challenge. I was not working at 100% today. My body felt a bit like lead and so I really had to push it, but I made it through and that is what counts!! I want to try different variations of this as I really like the format and it was fun to come up with it myself.....well thanks to Jillian, Youtube and Cathe for the ideas!!!

Shoulders, Chest and Triceps with running intervals. 

15 min treadmill warmup - 

5 min slow run at 4.5 mph then 5 min at 5.5 mph and 5 min at 6.5 mph 

Shoulders - 
  • Standing flys -  30 reps with 11 lb. dumbbells 
  • Side raises with static lunge  - 8 reps with 11lb. dumbbells followed by 15 reps with 6.6 lb dumbbells. 
  • Front raises with static lunge - 15 reps with 11lb dumbbells followed by 15 reps with 6.6 lb dumbbells. 
  • Arnold Press with sumo/plyo squat - 30 reps with 11lb dumbbells. 
  • Reverse wood choppers with sumo/plyo squat - 40 reps - 20 reps with 11lb. dumbbells followed by 20 reps with 6.6lb dumbbells. 
  • One arm dumbbell cleans with sumo/plyo squat - 30 reps - 15 reps each arm with one 17.6 lb. dumbbell. 
Chest - 
  • Inchworm/walking pushups - 20 reps 
  • Dive bombers pushups - 20 reps 
  • Wide fly pushups - 20 reps
  • Close grip pushups - 20 reps 
  • Diamond pushups - 20 reps
After Shoulder and Chest work run on the treadmill for 5 mins at 5.5 mph

Triceps - 
  • Kickbacks with static lunge - 45 reps each arm - 90 reps total with 11lb dumbbells. 
  • Bench dips with leg raise - 40 reps 
  • Lying down tricep extension - 45 reps with one 25lb. dumbbell 

After Tricep work run on the treadmill for 20 mins - 5 min slow run at 4.5 mph, then 5 mins at 5.5 mph and 5 mins at 6.5 mph followed by a 5 min walking cool down at 4.0 mph

Core work - 
  • Planks - Hold for 30 sec. - 2 reps 
  • Walking planks - 15 reps 
Total time - 96.22
Calories burned - 1,010
HR - Avg - 79% Zone 3, Max - 95% Zone 5
Pushups - 100 
Caloric deficit for the day - 750
Fitness note - Great workout!! Looking forward to trying it again with Legs, Back and Biceps and even adding some sprint drills!  I am proud I pushed it today! 

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