Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another wonderful day!

Knowing is not enough; you must apply. Willing is not enough, you must do!

Workout 1 - Morning run followed by 100 slow, deep walking lunges with front leg kick.

Total time - 50.29
Calories burned - 566
HR - Avg. - 83% Zone 4 , Max - 98% Zone 5
Fitness note - Wonderful run this morning. Legs where a bit sore from yesterday but I pushed through. 4 min walk for warm up followed by 30 min run and 2 min cool down. Then 16 mins of leg work with slow, deep walking lunges and front leg kicks.

Workout 2 - Long walk with a good strong pace.

Total time - 2:06 mins
Calories burned - 830
HR - Avg - 61% Zone 2, Max - 80% Zone 4
Fitness note - Great walk with my husband. We took a different route to the river today. It made for a great walk with the hills. The perfect workout to burn calories and get exercise, while giving your legs a rest from running.

Daily totals -
Total time - 2:56 mins
Total calories burned - 1,396...can we just call this 1,400...haha!!
Caloric deficit - 900.

Weekly Reflection - It was a good week. I was only able to start working out on Wednesday but I am impressed at how fast I came back after being sick.  I pushed myself but I was always aware of my body and if I needed to pull it back some, I did just that.  Looking forward to a full week ahead of me. 

Totals for the week - 4 days only - 

Total time -  363 mins 
Total calories burned - 3,549 
Weekly caloric deficit - 3,352 for 5 days. 

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