Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 9...A little Mommy Triathlon of sorts!

Today was another success! I am crazy tired so this will be short and I hope to blog more about it tomorrow! 

The workouts....20 mile bike, 2 mile run and 1/2 mile swim....weird order I know but that is how it happened. 

Swim - 925 yds/ .52 miles

My avg per 100 yards was 1.49 and I really need to get that under time!! :)
This was my second swim after having my baby, 15 months ago, so I am SLOW to get back but I will in due time. I need to be faster in the pool but for just started out, I am pleased with how I did. I need to take my watch next time with me. I had my 610 with me but there is NO way I am putting that in the pool so there was a guy there who fortunately had a watch and gave me my time. I started out only swimming 825 but then I realized I was 100 m short of where I needed to be so I did another 4 laps.
My 825 yd time was aprox 15 mins. My 925 time is an estimate as again, I did not have my watch with me.
Bike - Ride Type - Steady state, 1 sprint with medium resistance, final minutes high resistance with speed work. Very happy with my performance today!!!
Cadence - 106 avg
Speed - 24.45 avg
Miles - 20
Time - 49:05
Brilliant Ride! Felt very tired this morning but pulled myself out of the haze of fatigue and soreness to get in an amazing workout. I wanted to ride under 49 mins but I was just time right?!?! I dug deep today. Riding on the balls of my feet to increase my down stroke. I need to get clips for my Lemond to help my overall speed and performance as it does on my road bike. It really does make a HUGE difference! I will try and get this done this week to help with next weeks workouts.
The final minutes of my ride....aprox 5 -6 mins....I lowered down on my aerobars, closed my eyes and PRESSED HARD keeping my resistance high. Felt a strong burn in my thighs but I have to say I loved every second of it. I must love pain :)
Run - Great run! Still taking it easy with the knee so I only did 2 miles. My first mile was a run/walk then the second mile I ran and my knee did quite well. 
Mile 1 - 10:35 Run/walk
Mile 2 - 9:10 Run
Only my second run post injury so I am happy! Slowly but surely I will make my way back!

The fuel.....

Ezekiel granola with oats and a peach, soy milk and stevia along with tea.

Post ride shake - Garden of Life Raw meal with greenberry Shakeology, spinach, Vitamineral Green, cantaloupe, strawberries and banana with soy milk

Veggie juice from last night...see yesterdays blog.

Salad - Black beans, avocado, jicama, pico, lettuce with mrs dash fiesta lime and lime juice and a whole grain  hemp tortilla.

The BEST Vegan Protein Power  I have tried yet! SUNWARRIOR!!!!!


The Mrs said...

Way to go girl! Keep up the great work!

Donna said...

I am amazed at your cycling ability. I am a cyclist and couldn't imagine a 24.45 mph average. I don't think I've seen anyone in my club with an average like high, even the guys, and there are some very strong guys in the group. I'm in awe!

Jen's Journey said...

Thank you Donna.

I am working hard and I was VERY impressed with my speed yesterday. My highest race avg was just over 20 mph, so I was pleased.

Keep in mind - and you know this - that doing a steady state workout or flat with medium resistance and no hill work your cadence and mph will be far higher. My avg the other day with hill work was just over 20 mph. So keeping it flat makes a difference!

Thanks so much for taking the time to write me!

Donna said...

Yes Jen, I do have to keep that in mind. I live in the 2nd hilliest city in the U.S. so there are no flat rides around here.

Jen's Journey said...


I want to come train where you are, then race down here in flat land Texas! :)

We do have some hills here on a few routes but really they are mostly north towards Huntsville. Mostly flat, hot and humid!

Happy Riding and thanks again for taking the time to comment!!

Donna said...

Ha ha!!! Come on over! I'm in Massachusetts. The only time I ever get a flat ride in is if I ride up the coast, but then I just deal with nasty head winds, but it's a beautiful ride. But, on a regular basis we ride hills. There is actually a century ride I've done that is almost 8,000 feet of climbing. I didn't do it this year due to heavy rain. Good luck with your training and I look forward to more inspirational posts from you.

Marathon 10k said...

Hey! Jen, I'm impressed with your courage on doing your workouts even if you have a baby, you still continue on doing things like this. I also have my own workout and I join marathon's.