Thursday, July 28, 2011

188 minutes of hard work!

Loved my workout yesterday.....

5 mile walk with Baby M in the BoB - 1:20

Cathe HIIT DVD with Kick max DVD using 5 lb DBs. - 50 mins

20 mile ride with sprint and hill intervals - 58:01 ARPM- 91 AMPH - 20.6

Yesterday was one of the best workouts I have had since injuring my knee. It reminded me of the long workout days I grew to love so much when we were living in Siberia and there was not much to do so I would workout of hours.

Yesterday I woke to walk 5 miles with my baby girl in the BOB, then we went to have our play time. I did 50 mins of Cathe's HIIT pyramid DVD along with her Kick Max DVD with weights. I needed to lower the impact due to my knee, so I used 5 lb DBs. This seemed brilliant as I started the first few minutes but slowly I began to realize I was getting quite a weight workout in. Next time I am taking it down to 2.5 lb weights! Trust me, the 5's were working me hard punching and kicking with them! I loved it.

Little Michaela got a kick out of seeing Mommy workout. She has really grown to love this time we have together. She mimics the moves as best she can and just laughs and laughs at her Mommy. Guess I do look pretty funny! :)

After all of this my girl was ready to nap. As she slept, I got on my LeMond and did an amazing 20 mile ride. This was one of my best yet. I really focused on keeping the resistance high and for my climbs going as long as I could before I burned out.

For sprint training I did several intervals but I kept the resistance strong while sprinting so my candence did not get too high.

The last few minutes I gave it my all. I wanted more than anything to make it under 58 minutes. Despite gritting my teeth and pressing as hard as I could, my final time was 58:01.

After this all the energy and fuel was gone and I was DONE! Today will be a rest day for sure :)

Here was my fuel for yesterday.....

Green Juice to start my day!

Fresh fruit with flaxseeds and chia seeds

SunWarrior protein shake with quinoa and egg whites, spinach, pick de gallo and avocado.

Quinoa, oats, Ezekiel granola, strawberries and almond milk.

Flax bread with natural almond butter and simply fruit jelly.

Metabolic reset and SunWarrior protein shake.

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Christy said...

Great job girl!!!

The Mrs said...

Excellent! Sounds like and awesome workout and what a great example you're setting for the little one. Exercise will be a "normal" thing for her and that's a good thing!