Friday, July 22, 2011

Time to hit the RESET button!!

There are times in our lives that it is important to stop, take inventory of all that is around you and regroup, refocus and then hit RESET!!

I guess the down time spent from resting my knee as lent itself to some reflection, which is a good thing. In this fast paced life we so many times know we should make changes, but never act on them as they get lost in the massive amounts of clutter that can sometimes fill our mind from all that is around us.  This past week was a hard one for me, for many reasons. First of all, I had to tone down my workouts as I was receiving my first of three knee injections for my OA and I was experiencing some ITB issues.  I felt a bit down after the first treatment as I was on a roll with my workouts and suddenly stuck on the couch with an ice pack resting instead of tearing it up on the bike which is what I wanted to do. Now after a few days of rest, my ITB feels better and the swelling of my knee has gone down. I am on some prescription anti-inflammatories which have been very helpful and the rest has done me a great deal of good but it is time to get back into the saddle! I really want to lose another 12 lbs by December when we leave for our 12th anniversary trip. It has NOT been easy losing as of late. My weight is STUCK! My measurements are fantastic, infact my hips are going down but the scale - NOTHING! Stuck in mud. But I am ok with this. I need to review my training, diet and overall plan and HIT IT HARD!!!!! I always knew these last few lbs would be very hard to shed off but I am up for the challenge!

If ever there was a time to plan, it would be now. So, it will come as no surprise to you all when I say I have another plan, mission and set of goals before me. Usually I aim to accomplish monthly challenges but I feel a bigger set of goals before me.  I need to remember I am in this journey for the LONG run, not the short term and it is ok to hit that ever so wonderful reset button a time or two before you get all of this just right! I will be starting my 12 by 12 challenge starting in August and my mission is to get those 12 lbs off by December 15th. That is about 18 weeks. I think with hard work, dedication and a great deal of discipline, I can make it happen.

This weekend I will be slowly getting back into my workouts and then look forward to hitting it hard.....or as hard as my knee will allow next week.  I feel blessed to be given the chance to work with two people I admire more than anything in the world. My aunt who is an accomplished elite runner and triathlete, doctor and my personal hero was so sweet to offer her expertise and help me train for my upcoming races. My aunt, along with her own running/ triathlete coach will be making me monthly training programs to follow for my marathons as well as my tri training. This is HUGE for me! They are two of the most brilliant, successful and extremely talented athletes and they will be working with little old ME! I consider it an honor, more than you can know. I feel so blessed to have this level of talent taking the time to help me reach my goals.

So now it is up to me to give it my all. 100%.....all that I have! And so I shall.

Big goals, big races and big dreams are before me. So many wonderful things I look forward to sharing with you all in the next coming days! I feel extremely happy right this very moment. I do not feel bogged down by the negativity that this world can produce, I feel as if I have the world before me. I feel as if NOTHING can hold me back. I feel encouraged, blessed to have dear friends in my life who give so much of themselves to not only me but to others. You know who you are, and I am so thankful for you! The long talks, the support, the friendship.....everything!

I feel very blessed to have my health now more than ever. I am thankful for Gods continual strength, grace, peace and wisdom. I feel a great sense of peace right now and it is a beautiful thing. Peace in knowing who holds my future. Peace in knowing I am serving my Lord the best that I can and striving to give Him the glory for everything in my life.

I long to be more. I long to be better. I long to truly LIVE this life and I cannot wait to give it my all.


Christy said...

I know you will accomplish all your goals!!! I'm right there with you all the way. Wish I was closer to you so that we could train together. I think it would be a blast. We just may have to set something up virtually!!!!

You are so much an inspiration to all, especially me!!!!

Rock on girl!

The Mrs said...

As usual you are optimistic, realistic and remembering to count your blessings. Your goals will undoubtedly be reached.

Keep it up sassy pants!

Jen's Journey said...

The two of you girls are the BEST! Thanks so much.

Sandrelle said...

Jen, great post! You are honest and dedicated to the long-term, which is key. I just passed my 3 year weight maintenance anniversary, and looking back there was something every few months that had me hitting "reset" even in maintenance.

Whether it's an injury, family situation, finances, depression, having a baby, vacation... It's part of life, it's ok. I had to realize that too and not panic. I know you will reach all of your goals and dreams!!! :)