Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 8 results...

Busy, beautiful day!!! We had a wonderful time at Whole Foods for lunch with my husband then shopping for the week with my baby girl.

I did really well today, rested my knee but it is feeling really strong. Ready for another ride tomorrow.

Foods for today.....

Quinoa, TVP, chia seeds and flaxseeds with apple and soy milk. Oolong tea.

Whole Foods lunch. We split everything, except for the pizza..Vegan whole wheat pizza ( my piece, Micah's had cheese....bad boy). Tofu meatloaf, cabbage, tabouli, broccoli, salmon cake and tofu

Snack - avocado over tofu bread, black beans, fruit and Nettle tea.

Dinner was the same as yesterday...black beans with Quinoa. See pic from Day 7.

Post dinner more tea, more tea, more tea.......And lemon water.

Keep pressing on!

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The Mrs said...

Good going girl! (I'm with Micah on the pizza though!) *running*

I've been downing my lemon water every morning. It's like alka seltzer minus the seltzer. LOL I figured I'd give it a go for a week and see if it does anything for me.

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

Nice job! Your slice of pizza looks divine! Do you find that the teas really help you? I've introduced green tea (twice daily) for the past few weeks. Really enjoy it, especially in the afternoons.

Jen's Journey said...

Mrs....it does taste like that doesn't it!! Micah loved his pizza, as did I. I as giving him grief...you know me and cheese - a favorite, but I wanted to be good!

Jamie, Teas DO help me. They prevent me from needless snacking during the day ( I still snack but more controlled) and it helps me have energy throughout the day as well. My favorite is Oolong -- great stuff all around!