Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little time, lots to say....

Working out with TRX, love it!

Core work with 10lb medicine ball and Cathe cardio sculpt DVD.

Why is it that time is just passing by so quickly these days? Mercy. We are staying busy here and loving every second. My knee is doing better and I feel a great peace about my future races.

My second injection was last night and so today I am taking it easy. Yoga and TRX on deck for now, maybe a short walk later on. My final injection is set for next Monday and I cannot wait for this to be over with, well at least for 6 months. We will see how they work then go from there.

I did very well this weekend with my workouts. Several great rides, a decent swim and my first brick workout in forever. It was only a 2 mile run after a 24.8 mile ride but both miles were strong...M1 9:21, M2 9:14.....I will take that for now. I have SO far to go but I am happy with how my knee is responding so far.

I hope to start my PT soon for my ITB. Hoping the ultrasound therapy will do wonders for my ITB so I can avoid another steroid injection.

In terms of my foods, I am on track and doing great! Here's a look at a few goodies from the past several days.

Truly hoping to reach my December goal. One month at a time right? I am so close, I can feel the excitement rising inside of me. I can honestly say, I do not think I have ever been this happy.

Hope to blog more soon, when time allows!

Tilapia with raw salad.

Raw veggie salad.

Watermelon and Oolong tea

Salmon over spinach salad with avocado. Mango, banana, chia protein shake.

Another protein shake.

Homemade Vegan pizza! Whole wheat crust with mix of veggie and vegan cheese on top! yum!

Grilled veggies over Kamut.

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The Mrs said...

Look at that happy, schweaty girl! :) Hope the knee heals up well and you don't have to get a steroid shot. The food looks yummy! We had grilled steak and veggie kabobs last night. (See my FB) Nothing better than fresh veggies! Tonight is fish tacos! YUM! (Can you tell I'm hungry and haven't eaten lunch yet? HA!)

Christy said...

I can't say enough that you totally rock!!!