Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 9 Results, A Success!

I have to say as of late  I am on another one of my fantastic streaks that I hope never ends. I will be honest, a part of me is a bit afraid that my fitness level will drop when I start getting the injections shortly for my knee issues. I do not know how much the doctor is going to let me do while receiving the treatments for the 3 week period of time. We will just have to wait and see. The injections have been ordered and now I am just waiting for a call back to set my first of three appointments up. I am ready to get these over with and move forward with my fall training. 

I am doing well with my ITB thanks to rolling and icing, so this is promising, I just need to remain consistent with it. That for me has been my problem, consistency with stretching and my PT exercises. But, I am doing better this month mostly due to my monthly challenge and that being a major goal of mine.

Todays workout was nothing short of pure, wonderful, grit your teeth, lactic acid building up painful, amazing workouts on the bike! You know what I mean! I did hill repeats today and felt every single one of them BIG TIME! I love the burn you feel with climbing and today I got a full dose of it and them some.  I had tears at one point while doing a hard interval as I wanted to stop SO bad. My legs felt as if they were filling up with cement, stretching and burning. I did not stop however I stayed high on my bike and continued to climb and climb until I just burned out. I love this feeling, when you KNOW you have surpassed your comfort zone and you are really pushing it.

I did a strong 20 miles, APRM 92, AMPH 20.93 which I was impressed with due to the amount of climbs I did. I recovered with an easy 5 miler for a total of 25 miles today.

After my ride and a bit of stretching I did 20 mins of TRX training along with DB work and core exercises. At this point I was DONE, and it felt great!!

My meals were spot on today, another victorious day all around and for this, I am very proud of myself.

Nettle Tea with two types of quinoa ( red and regular) mixed with soy milk, strawberries, peaches, flaxseeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds.

This was my pre workout treat! Almond butter, honey and banana over the Health Starts Here fourteener bread from Whole foods. I also snacked on grapes and avocado with part of a hemp tortilla today before my workout.

The post 25 mile, no makeup, crazy workout hair, sweaty proof of exercise photo!! I worked HARD!

Post workout shake - Garden of Life Raw meal mixed with 1/2 packet of Shakeology, Chia seeds soy milk and ice along with Green Tea. 

Fresh juice as part of our dinner. Fennel, beets, carrots, celery, dandelions greens, purple kale, one apple, lemon and cucumber. Enjoy for tonight, tomorrow morning and tomorrow night!

The start of dinner. Wild Sockeyed Salmon grilled then covered with spices and dijon mustard and a pineapple, jalapeno sauce! VERY good!

 I then stuffed the salmon into a roasted Poblano pepper and topped it with pico de gallo and jicama over sauteed greens and black beans. It was incredibly good!

Post dinner I had my HFN greens along with earth in water water.  For the greens I used 100% cranberry juice ( like RWK just cranberry or other pure cranberry juice) along with water, 2 tbsp of Vitamineral Green and 1 tbsp of Spirulina Manna


Keelie Sheridan said...

LOVE IT! Congrats on another successful day! Get it, girl! :)

The Mrs said...

That's awesome! Look at that sweaty, fit girl! :)

Jen's Journey said...

MRS....the key word being sweaty! :) thanks sweetie!

Christy said...

Aweseom job Jen!! We so need to ride together someday!

Lorielle said...

Awesome job girl! Keep up the good work :) quick question, how are you liking shakeology? And what flavors have you tried?