Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pics from the phone

Here are a few pics from my phone which we took while on vacation these past few days. We started off in Olympic National Park which was a highlight, then we drove back to Seattle for the race. As some of you know I decided to pull out of the race due to my knee injury flaring up while hiking in the Hoh rainforest up in Washington just prior to the race. It was such a pleasure getting to meet so many of my good friends from Sparkpeople and FB. It was a hard decision not to race but I truly feel it was a smart one.

After Seattle we traveled to a few places around the area and then ventured off to British Columbia. Vancouver I have to say was my favorite city we visited on this trip by far, other than Carmel of course. :) We then flew to San Francisco for a week as my husband was there on business. Once he was finished working we drove down the pacific coast highway to Monterey, Carmel and Pebble Beach. We stayed overnight and drove along the coast down to Big Sur which was truly amazing! Very beautiful.

This was the short version of my vacation blog I will be posting on our family site sometime this week. We have over 2,000 photo to go through and we are not even finished going through all the Paris pics from last month. So we are running a bit behind but will do our best to update the family gallery and site soon.

By the way, if there are any crazy typos in this blog please excuse them as I am using this new app from Blogpress so I can blog faster and post pics directing from my phone. It saves me time!!

Here are a few iPhone pics from our trip. The "good" ones are to follow soon.


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Joy said...

I love that you guys are so clearly in love...and you show it!
Congratulations again on finding and keeping each other.

The Mrs said...

You make me long to go back to Carmel. We absolutely loved it there! It's so weird to see the pic of Kayla in front of the same arch at the Tea Gardens that I had my pic taken at. Had I known you were going to be stopping there I would've left you a note in an obscure place to find! :)

Lindsay said...

The last picture is stunning, but I really love the one of Kayla in the polkadot hoodie.

It's always refreshing to find a couple that are so obviously in love and respect each other. I think that's why I like you and The Mrs. so muc. :-)

Ty Tillman said...

Love the pics!