Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Day 2 Results.....

Another great day! All goals reached. Had a wonderful TRX and core workout along with a good 15 mile ride on the LeMond. AMPH, 20 and ARPM 91.

Below are my foods for the day....

Ezekiel bread with cashew butter, simply fruit and berries with LACV drink.

Avocado with Tuna salad and broccoli salad with apple and pear vinegar along with Ezekiel bread and watermelon.

Protein shake. Warrior Food Vegan protein powder from HealthForce Nutritionals, Soy milk, coconut water and frozen berries.

Getting ready to have my greens...Vitamineral Green and Spirulina Mana along with HFN Earth with hot water. Here's to another fantastic day tomorrow!

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The Mrs said...

Go girl! Congrats on another successful day!

Anonymous said...

I just started viewing your blog yesterday, i am on sparkpeople some. I was curious whaf your LACV drink is?

momof3girls said...

Ok I have to ask a few questions:

1) what is the lacv drink you drink at breakfast time?
2) how do you use or mix to use the apple and pear vinegar as. A salad dressing??

Thanks! I am such a visual person & I am going to try to pull processed food out of my diet 5 days a week. I was really unsure of what that might look like until I started looking at your post. Thanks for the pics of your meals bi am such a visual person it helped me see what this change in my diet might look like!

HappyMommy02 said...

LACV is lemon and (preferably raw) apple cider vinegar in water. i drink mine hot every morning :)