Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Workout DONE for today.......

Cathe High reps DVD....DONE!!!

To be honest, I am shaking and SO TIRED! It was amazing!! Now.... I did modify it to make somethings a bit harder......for example, instead of just standing there doing bicep curls, I did curls with sumo squats, then I would drop to Medicine ball pushups with mountain climbers etc......I just kept moving for the whole hour. I also did not do the chest presses but instead I did more pushups, to me it is better as I am working  more muscles and it gets my HR up more....I am all about calorie burn these days. Instead of tricep extensions........I did diamond pushups and close grip pushups - I wanted more combo moves than just standing there lifting......for me it just works. Now for some things like dead lifts, I did not do anything else but for the lunges with sliders, I raised DB's overhead.....it really made the workout POP - BIG TIME!!

I used DB's for this workout - 5 lb DB's for bent over flys, and some shoulder work, 10 lb DB's  for biceps and shoulders and 20 lbs DB's for biceps and dead lifts along with a 12 lb MB.

If you want a great burn, check it out!!


The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

You are a machine! :)

Jen's Journey said...

You are too girl :) Thanks as always for the support!