Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cloudy day, sunny outlook.....

It is another dark, rainy and foggy day here. The fog is so thick I cannot see anything but a sheet of white outside. It can be hard when there are days like this. I long for sunshine!

The photo below is one of the views looking out from my bed this morning. Where did the mountains and the other homes go? :) Normally, this view is stunning, and for the second day in a row it is totally grey outside.......ugh! The fog really rolls in quite a lot on top of the mountain whereas down below it can be totally different. Guess I just have to get used to it.......I love it here though so much, it is worth it!! :)

I am hoping the weather clears up as I have to walk to the store later for some food......that sounds so funny to me. Living over here is so different than back in Texas when I would jump in my SUV and drive down the street for what I needed. No wonder my fitness is increasing leaps and bounds. Not only are my workouts killers but just the daily life activities....getting out etc...are an added calorie burn!!

My knee is still bothering me and due to the weather I think it will be a day of cycling on the Lemond and yoga with ST. Today is Day 5 of my 10 day challenge which means I am at the half way mark and I have to say it has flown by. I am very happy with my progress. My arms, legs and hips are toning up SOOOO well and my measurements are right on track. My stomach.......well, that is another story. I have decided that whatever fat/excess skin is left in my belly is as stubborn as I am and that toning this area of my body is going to be a great challenge. Some people find it hard to tone their legs, others it may be their upper body. For me, it is my belly all the way. It is where I gained the most amount of weight and while that weight is now gone, we have the issue of skin and excess baggage if you will that I am working on. It requires GREAT patience and it is hard....VERY hard, but I am just trying to do what I can day by day and sometimes that is all you can do.

So, I am choosing to be POSITIVE focus on what I CAN control, what I CAN work on and what blessings I have on this day.

I have said it before and chances are I will repeat this over and over until I go home to Jesus......this journey, this life, this road of weight loss is HARD! But it sure does make you TOUGH as nails :)

Press on! Cast doubt aside......We've got this!!


The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

I can imagine you're looking quite buff! ;) Make sure you take pics so you can compare too!

As far as the skin, that's a badge of honor baby. That shows your hard work and reminds you where you can go if you get off track. Slather that baby with some shea butter every day and continue working your core. Patience, sassy pants! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking time to post on your blog!
You are an inspiration and God Bless!!