Monday, February 06, 2012

Change in diet?

Here is my red quinoa and oat bran with apple and flaxseeds....

I am sitting here this morning reading through a few books I read last year when I drastically changed my diet. I loved the principle of clean eating but I longed for something more. The Vegan lifestyle was good for me last year, not sure if I will go full Vegan again as we eat so much fish, but I am enjoying relearning so many wonderful principles taught in these fine books!

Eat for Health, Eat to Live, You are what you eat and Slim for Life.......

Which is most important to you. Be honest. To be on a diet that will help you lose weight and lean out or one that will help you be healthy and live longer, disease free. For me, the first half of 2011 it was all about health. Raw foods, Vegan...etc...the second half of the year it was more about leaning out through eating lean proteins. I stopped eating beans and wheat as they were bloating me. But was that the best thing? Not sure. I am still searching.......

Which is best. Clean eating with lean meats and dairy or Vegan, or Vegetarian, Macrobiotic, Totally Raw Vegan, Paleo......who knows. I am reading all I can and yet the more I read the more confused I become. Remember, I am not in search of what will make me lose weight, I am past that. I am looking for longevity......

Thoughts? What is your style of eating and why. So many seems to have positives and negatives......

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Marcelle said...

I've also stopped wheat and grains and my next step is Dairy. I only eat chicken and fish as suffer from low iron when was vegan as well.
I'm trying to find my healthy way of eating as well....good luck.
Am also reading Paleo, Primal and No Grains.
Do u follow Dr Mercola?

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

I honestly could never cut out any food group. I don't have any allergies that I know of so at this point I don't see a need. I know as we lose more and shift toward maintenance and muscle building to fill in some areas, that my diet will likely need to change. I'm looking to see what's best for us that doesn't sacrifice not feeling like we're on a diet.

I love your pics of your different fruit/veggie juices and "rabbit food" as my grandpa would call a good amount of what you eat (LOL) but I'm not sure at this point in my own journey I could get jazzed about eating that way 100% of the time. I admire people who can.

We are keeping our options open though as we know diet is a key component to weight loss and we're at a point where things are somewhat stagnant so a change is in the air.

Lindsay said...

I think the key to any way of eating is to listen to your body. What fuel does your body function on the best?

In my case, I tried Paleo and Keto and my body lagged. My mind was foggy and I was tired quite a bit.

I am also lactose intolerant and have Celiac's. I found those out when I started listening to my body more. When I cut those out, my face was clearer and my skin healthier.

For a 10 days last summer, I did a 'detox' where you only eat fruits/veggies and the occassional brown rice. I felt amazing. But I also noticed that I felt a bit depleted after workouts.

Right now, I'm eating lean proteins as well and that seems to really work for me.

My body likes carbs in fruit and veggies. And I'm fine with eating brown rice or sweet potatoes a few times a week.

I rarely do processed/refined carbs (as a few times a year tops).

I remember reading that a friend of your family's is a coach/triathalon-er, so maybe she/he would be able to help you out. Because, as you are past the weightloss stage, it might be beneficial to think of the training that you are doing for the Rome Marathon and how to best prepare your body for that.

This was really long. :-) Lindsay

Cheryl D. said...

I think that all these ladies are right. I have been on some sort of diet since 1987. I have found that everything-in moderation as long as you have no allergies- is good. I have got to say that I'm happiest when I can have a variety of good foods and don't eat processed foods often. The one thing I don't do in moderation is fast food. It has been completely cut out of my diet for the last 5ish years and I don't miss it at all.

Audra said...

I feel your pain and confusion of trying to decide "what to eat". I have read much the past couple of years on diet and nutrition and at times feel more confused than when I started. Here is a great passage from the introduction of Michael Pollan's book Food Rules.

"As a journalist I fully appreciate the value of widespread public confusion: We're in the explanation business, and if the answers to the questions we explore got too simple, we'd be out of work. Indeed, I had a deeply unsettling moment when, after spending a couple of years researching nutrition for my last book, In Defense of Food, I realized that the answer to the supposedly incredibly complicated question of what we should eat wasn't so complicated after all, and in fact could be boiled down to just seven words:

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

Have you read any of his books? I thoroughly enjoy his writing. Have a great day!

momof11 said...

I have found that my intestinal issues have been helped by lowering the amount of wheat,sugar and dairy. I have to be very careful with citrus, as well.
I KNOW that the Eat Clean diet worked very well for me so I'm trying to get back there-lots of fresh food with lean protein at each meal.