Friday, February 17, 2012

Checking in....

Great day yesterday. Worked hard, ate well....felt amazing. Today, I feel...well, to be honest.....SORE to say the least! I was so happy to say I used 10's and 20's during my Cathe workout yesterday and today my gluts are feeling it. No, not my shoulders, gluts!

I did Cathe's Athletic training DVD and I was determined to use heavier weights while trying to keep tempo. I did really well except for some of the shoulder exercises where the reps where crazy high as they were using 5's and I was trying to do the same with 10's!!! I was impressed with how well I did but after awhile it really got to me. Proud I pressed hard.

Here is a look at the dvd, I highly recommend it.....

A look at my fuel yesterday....

5 egg whites scrambled with spinach along with oats and oatbran, banana, strawberries, chia seeds and almonds.

Tuna salad made with hot peppers, lemon juice, plain yogurt, Djion mustard, apple, onion, red bell peppers over napa cabbage with chia seeds....of course :)

Protein shake with mixed berries and GOL raw fiber blend.

Brown rice with white turkey breast along with a raw Mediterranean salad.....olives, capers, sun dried tomatoes, zucchini, parsley, red onion, mint, lemon juice, white beans, egg plant, hot peppers, red bell pepper, celery and spinach.

Funny story about husband went to the store to get us some natural chicken breast and came home instead with white turkey breast. The funny part is how much it was.....170 Kr for 750 grams! That is  almost 18 dollars a pound!!! So we paid 29 dollars for 1.65 pounds! Crazy.....

We are excited that we found an organic farm near by where you can get grass fed beef, organic chicken, eggs, veggies....all of it. We are looking forward to going tomorrow and stocking up!

Back to my report of yesterday......

After dinner I had a small amount of oats with nuts, raisins, apple, chia seeds over plain yogurt with some fresh strawberries along with some tea.

Today I will doing only core. Not sure what dvd I will use....will report back :)


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The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Sounds like you're kickin' butt as usual! You know when you post those prices I got into cardiac arrest over here! LOL I pray that the pay there was adjusted from the states for cost of living!

Have a wonderful weekend my beautiful friend!