Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Beautiful Norway morning!

My view this morning from our bedroom! It was so lovely.....

Here is my breakfast....a 10 grain mix from Bobs Red Mill plus an oat, rye and brown rice blend with flax and chia seeds.

This was the lovely plant my neighbor brought to us last night! So very sweet of her.

Have a blessed day!!! I am getting ready to cool a Dahl for lunch as Daddy is coming home to be with us :) I love that he works so close, such a blessing.

Will post a pic of my Rajmah Masala Dahl later!

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Marcelle said...

BRRRR it does look cold there.
I've just come home from visiting Cape Town South African for two months....with the most amazing summer temps....I cant get excited about snow and cold at the moment...maybe next year....

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

It's finally spitting a little snow here but not enough to blow the cobwebs off the snow shoes. Have you guys gone skiing yet?

So nice of the neighbor to bring you the plant! Enjoy your day beautiful!

Lindsay said...

The homes look so quaint and charming. I missing living on "older" countries...even with the cobblestones being heck on my heels.

Looking forward to the dahl picture you post as I am curious as to what exactly it is.

One week from today is the middle of February (can you belive it?!?). How's your challenge coming?

Becca's Dirt said...

Looks cold but it's a beautiful view. We are have been having spring like weather for a while now but cooler weather is coming but no snow for us.