Monday, February 13, 2012

Great way to start the week!

Workout is DONE for today and I feel amazing. It always feels so good to know you are starting the week off right and on track for your goals.

I fueled my workout this morning with something a bit different than my normal oats was 1 egg scrambled with a few egg whites along with 1/2 apple and cinnamon and a flax cracker with natural PB and honey. The cracker is amazing only wheat bran, rye and flax.....nothing else! No salt, no sugar, no oil, no taste.....just kidding, well not really but I still liked it : )

I started my morning off with a great run outside. It was going well until I fell quite hard sliding across the road. I was running on the side of the road as I thought the ice would be best and as I was trying to cross I fell on my side and slid to the other side......quite gracefully I might add :) I was a bit dinged up but I was ok. Mostly just wet as there was slush on the side of the crib where I ended up. I kept going but headed back after a while as I was so cold.

I then began my ST workout. Today was a mix of Cathe Drill max, Jenny's ST plan ;) and segments of Cathe Total body tri sets. I did a new combo today that I really loved. You guys know I have been lifting lighter these days with higher reps......for me, it has worked very, very well but we are all different and it may not be for everyone.

Well today I did a combo of shoulder presses with sumo squats for 12 reps with 10 lb DB's then without stopping I went into two arm bicep curls for 12 reps then back to the shoulder press with squat......I repeated this set 3 times WITHOUT a break. It gave me such a good burn and it was only with 10lb DBs!! It was amazing. I also did lifting with some 20's. 5's and my 12 lb MB....along with 100 military pushups....standard, close grip and incline along with solider planks which are like pushups but you lift up one hand and one leg......crazy hard!

I am off to grab some much needed lunch...not sure what it will be. Mostly likely a protein shake with GOL raw fiber added in and some fresh blueberries and probably one of those tasteless crackers with PB.

I am going to post some pics from this weekend sometime after my lunch. We went to Sirdal, the ski town near where we live and it was a great deal of fun!!

For now, it is fuel time.....feeling sluggish now.....need food....pronto ;)


The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Circuit workouts are the best! There's nothing like just continually pushing your muscles without a break! We just did Supreme 90 Back and Bi's last night and my muscles are screamin'.

Lindsay said...

The 'tasteless' comment made me chuckle.

Way to go with getting your workout in. I think I'm going to browse Amazon for some Cathe dvds. We used to have FitTv and she was on there, but sadly, it is no more (and we live in the middle of nowhere so we don't have "regular" internet).

Jen's Journey said...

Lindsay....i LOVE Cathe so much!! is the best and it gives you such a great burn!