Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ready for was a good day!

I am getting ready to hit the bed and I just know I will be asleep in no time! I am so tired but I feel really good about today and all I got done. My workout was good, I thought I was going to get a Cathe dvd in but instead we headed out on the trails. It was a clear day...windy but no rain or snow and I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful sunlight! Kayla slept and I got in 90 mins of walking the hills pushing her which is always a great challenge, and we went to the grocery store so on the way home the load was even heavier!

Once home I did a quick ST session and I do mean quick.....less than 15 mins. Only 2 things......pushups and MB chops. I love chops both diagonal and front as it gets your shoulders, back and arms. So I did 200 reps of chops with a 12 lb MB then I did 100 reps of pushups. All where military and where a mix of solider plank, wide fly, close grip and standard....totally worked me so hard!!

This evening we went to a fitness store here called XXL.....great REI meets Academy! I looked at a few treadmills and other weight equipment for my gym. Very excited to see everything coming together.

Kayla is now fast asleep and I am about to start spelling things crazy and such in a minute as I am just zonked.

Hope you all have a truly blessed day! Nite Nite from Norway! :)

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The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Sounds like a kick butt workout. It doesn't have to be long to effective! Sweet dreams nugget!