Friday, February 03, 2012

Snowy morning.

There is a snow storm here and I have to admit, I am loving it!!! It reminds me so much of our years in Siberia. I am a snow girl for sure. Much prefer this weather to a hot Texas summer!

We are curled up in the house staying warm but I will try and step out later and get some more photos. We are organizing clothes today and watching White Christmas once again :) with some Mary Poppins thrown in there of is my daughters favorite!

This weekend we are heading back to Ikea and other stores to look for rugs, lamps etc....cannot wait to finally feel organized and fully moved in. Soon!!!!


Here is my Coconut Oolong and Teavana weight to go blend.


blissfulbalance said...


The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

So awesome that you guys are getting snow! Winter apparently forgot to show up in the States! Enjoy getting your lovely home together this weekend! Love and miss you girl!

momof11 said...

Imagine? Snow,in winter...we have very little here and we're in Northern US!! I'm lovin' the mild winter.
I'm so excited for ya'll to get out and buy fun(but necessary) things for your new house!!
You know what? My kids have NEVER seen Mary Poppins~~the 2 oldest girls maybe...I've got to get that for them!(I'm sure all my boys will LOVE it)
Take care-I'm sending big hugs across the ocean!!!

Marcelle said...

I love your winter photo!!! Its fantastic...
I am a sunshine girl...coming from Africa I dont like this cold and snow
Its minus 15 at the moment.

Becca's Dirt said...

I know it's nice to be cuddled up inside the warm house looking out on the snow falling and watching movies. Have a good weekend.

Christy said...

I had been hearing that Europe was getting hammered this year! Keep warm and enjoy!