Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good morning glutes....

My glutes are feeling yesterdays run.....that is all I will say about this. :)

For my friend Anne, I am taking the day off. Ok, well it is more the fact that I am totally sore and walking around here like a cave woman which I guess would be ok if I was following Paleo or Primal but I am more Vegan :)

Today's workout might just be the playtime Kayla and I have at the little park next to our house which if I am honest, isn't that is MOST rewarding workout of all. We did this two days ago and had a blast. The best part is that the park is literally next to our house. There is a large grassy area there and then a little park with slides and play areas, so nice for her.  I am sure she thinks it is just one big front yard and we have the coolest house ever!

I am hoping the rain stays away for a bit so we can play. I am realizing just how rainy it is here now that the weather is slightly warmer and now above freezing, all the glorious snow we were seeing is now rain.

Goals for today......

Now that I am taking today off I need to stretch and make the most of this time while my body recovers, so it will be a yoga day for sure. Either Rodney Yee or Cathe Yoga.....cannot decide.

In terms of my food, this morning I had the Bob's Red Mill 10 grain mix with ground flax and berries. For lunch and dinner I have no idea what we will have as I think I am so tried I cannot think past this morning. Maybe a Dahl...that is always my go to food, love it so much.

I am going to the International and Health food store to stock up on ACV and lemon juice as I am totally out.......can you imagine this?? :)

Wishing everyone a blessed day! Thank you for your amazing comments in response to my blog yesterday!



The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

I'm very glad to hear you're taking a rest day. Yoga should help and get out that foam roller baby! Enjoy that time with your lil nugget today at the park. Nothing more convenient than having your own jungle gym next door! (Speaking of which, the Mr and I went down a turnaround slide at the park last night and it didn't collapse. This is a good sign!)

Lindsay said...

Don't forget to use your foam roller! :-)

You're right, there is little more rewarding than seeing a child run around full of delight.

I started the ACV (though, I do put a little honey in mine - wildflower organic. I can't go completely hardcore yet). And, I've definitely experienced of my system. To put it nicely(ish).

And, because I'm in a bit of a rut exercise wise, I ordered some Cathe videos off of Amazon. We'll see how hardcore I

I have a question for you: do you think that living in Russia made is easier in some ways to lose weight? I'm just curious because most European countries have way less fast food and processed food than we have in America.

Please don't read that to mean that I feel that the journey was 'easier' for you, because I don't. I was just wondering if you think it helped because you weren't innundated with those food choices.