Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 2 Results....

Another short blog. So sorry just totally a great way!

Fitness - 90 mins

45 mins Pre-breakfast HIIT with ST - Cathe Circuit Blast DVD with extra pushups.

45 min walk outside pushing my girl in the BOB then back home for more stretching and pushups. Total military push for the day....150 reps!

Fuel - 1,502 calories

Fats - 26.5%
Carbs - 45.0%
Protein - 28.6%

Pre-breakfast VM green and detox tea

Post workout....2 eggs with one egg white scrambled along with my protein pumpkin pancakes and some strawberries and Teavana weight to go tea with black tea.

Snack was PB, cucumber, tea with soy milk

Lunch was one piece of buckwheat GF bread with tuna, celery, mustard and low fat organic keifer. Tomato and avocado on the side. Jasmine green tea....

Dinner was baked Salmon, roasted brussel sprouts, spinach salad with broccoli and tomato and butternut squash.

Tea and grapefruit for dessert. Then VM green before bed.

Day 3 here we come!!!!

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The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

I am a brussels sprouts FIEND now. I don't know why I ever went this long without giving those babies their propers.

Shannon said...

It is so inspirational to see what you eat. Believe it or not- it keeps me on track with my eating.... just to see what you've eaten for the day. Great reminder to get in the tea & healthy items! Oh and the very cool thing is i'm on Cali time, so when you blog about your day... my day is just starting! :)