Monday, March 14, 2011

My first day training with TRX....

My first brief TRX review as promised....THIS THING ROCKS!!!!

My husband and I worked out last night and also today and already I can tell you TRX is going to take my fitness to new levels. It is hard and yet so much fun! If you love Turbulence Training type exercises, along with the fast pace workout where you can move quickly from one muscle group to the next, you will LOVE TRX! I have done P90X, Turbulence Training, Cathe,  Making the Cut and so on and I am super excited about this new phase in my strength training. My muscles are burning as I speak! Seriously, it gives you such a great burn. It is amazing how fast you can move from one workout to another and at the same time working you entire body. Incredible for core and overall fitness.

We have the X mount. This means we have our TRX mounted in the ceiling providing us the best range of motion. The best part is I can unhook the main straps and take them with me on my runs and use them when out! Will write a more formal review as the days pass. As of now I am getting used to the system. You see, depending on your angle it can go from easy to down right crazy hard! I am using this month to get familiar with the exercises, dvds and so on so that I can be prepared for my April challenge which I am calling The TRX 12!! My goal will be to complete 12 intense TRX workouts each lasting for 45 - 60 mins for the month of April.

I am so happy we bought this! I will post some pictures of my new training room ( formerly our media room) along with detailed reviews of the DVDs and so on.

What a great way to get ready for those summer months soon to be here!


Sandra said...

I love my TRX - I bought it for camping last year because I can take it anywhere. At home I don't have a ceiling mount (basement is too low) but I did buy the door jam so that I can use it for now. I think it is a great workout.

Becca's Dirt said...

I'm not familiar with the TRX. From the photo it looks hard but then you said that didn't you. I will check it out.

hann said...

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