Friday, March 18, 2011

March Meltdown Challenge Day 17 Results

What a fun day we had yesterday! We once again left Whole Foods with more food that you could imagine! I cannot wait for a Whole Foods to be built closer to me but for now, I enjoy my trips into town. That sounds so funny to me! It makes me sound as if I live in the country and we are heading into the big city! LOL! I love my little bubble where we live! SO very "Leave it to Beaver" I am telling you!

Here is my angel girl shopping with Mommy yesterday. She was blowing kisses to everyone, talking and loving every minute of the attention....oh yes, she takes after Mommy in this department! She has NEVER met a stranger! At one point she was reaching out to people to try and get their attention. Then to this one man she was trying to give him her orange. TOO CUTE! She was eating pieces of apple and orange as we were shopping and then all of the sudden I looked down and she was eating the organic spinach! Just chewing away! She had reached into the basket and decided to have lunch! Guess I am training her to like the good stuff. SO happy about that. She even had her first spinach and parsley juice the other day!

March Meltdown Challenge Results - Starting March 1st
Weight Loss - 5.4 pounds
Inches Lost - 2.25 inches
Miles - 56.59

Wellness totals for the year - Starting January 1st
Weight Loss - 20.8 pounds
Inches Lost - 10 inches
Miles - 185.33

Workout today - Terrible 4 mile run/walk. NOT EVEN FUNNY it was so bad! We will not even talk about it. I had NO energy and felt VERY weak. NOT FUN! I thought I was getting sick or something. It did not help what happened before the workout. I have this pair of expensive earphones called monster beats. Anyways, to make a long story short the rubber piece got caught in my ear....TWICE! I thought I was going to have to leave and go to the doctor. But I managed to find a pair of tweezers in my makeup bag that was in the car and I got it out. Funny story but painful. My ear hurt so bad after. Anyways, I proceeded on my run but I felt very sick. On top of all of this I got sunburn and it was SO HOT. So my run turned into a walk and even that was hard for me. But then like usual, God sent me a message LOUD AND CLEAR. There was a care giver who passed me with a patient who had a severe case of what looked to be cerebral palsy. She was trying to talk and looking at all the trees around her. As I passed by I started to cry as it hit me like a ton of bricks just how lucky I am to have my health. WHO CARES if I was not able to do my run as planned. I was out there with my healthy, beautiful baby girl and I needed to enjoy that moment, and so I did.

I tell you this, time and time again I have turned selfish, looking at myself and thinking why can't I run faster, why can't I be thinner and so on. EVERY TIME God sees this and places in front of me reminders of how good I have it and it always snaps me back to reality. I think we are all guilty of feeling this way but it is important to take note of others around you less fortunate and be thankful for the life you do have no matter what your situation might me.

Anyways, here is my food log from yesterday. LOVED this but it had LOADS of sodium and I am paying for it today! YUCK!

Breakfast - Ezekiel bread with earth balance soy spread, flax pita with salmon and fromage blanc 0%, chia seed and maca root shake and fresh strawberries!

Lunch - Green Shake from Whole Foods! Here is my super awesome whole foods juicer girl friend who always makes the BEST things! This one was cucumber, parsley, spinach, lemon and ginger. Along with this I ate some soy nuggets, raw "mash" made from cauliflower and a few bites of tofu meatloaf! YUM!

Dinner - Salad with garlic, tabouli, peppers with olive oil, lemon and white pear balsamic vinegar. 1/2 sweet potato and a cup of Cioppino from Whole Foods and a cup of Mighty leaf African Nectar tea....LOVED THIS SO MUCH!!

Here is an awesome dessert I made for my husband and I have to say it was to die for! YES, I did have a few bites and loved every second of it!

Fresh berries with Fromage Blanc 0%, Stevia, Pure Vanilla and a little bit of organic low fat sour cream. Mixed together and topped with PURE 100% dark chocolate - the kind I buy is Belcolade from Belgium and it is wonderful, just make sure it is 100% dark chocolate and therefore NO butter,cream etc.....

The Fromage Blanc 0% is my all time favorite and only 15 calories per tbsp. I know it is not vegan and I cannot wait to make a vegan version of this but for now, it was super tasty! My dear sweet husband keeps saying I should make a healthy cookbook! He is after all my number one fan!



New Outlook Fitness said...

What a gorgeous little girl!

What a fabulous day of eating...I'd have it all yum!

Megan10e said...

What an adorable little girl! I had a baby girl four weeks ago, and that weight came right off, but I have about 40 pounds left to lose from her big brother! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sandrelle said...

Jen, she is growing up so fast--she's adorable! Food looks gorgeous too. I know exactly what you are talking about in regards to being grateful for my body and what it can do. I work in a children's hospital and see these amazing kids fight to walk a few steps. Definitely puts things in perspective when I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Lindsay said...

Kayla is so big! And she's going to be a heartbreaker no doubt.

Do you think that maybe your dizziness on your run could be from the earphones? Since your ears control your balance/center of gravity, maybe having them get stuck twice is what did it. Either way, I'm proud of you for getting some exercise in (when, it's so easy some days not to).

Going to look up that chocolate now. :-)

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