Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Meltdown Challenge Day 16 Results


I LOVE LuLuLemon!! Finally, the day I have been waiting for, I bought 2 pairs of the most awesome running shorts there in size 6 (size small for LuLu). SUPER EXCITED!! I feel as if I am dreaming! 



March Meltdown Challenge Results - Starting March 1st 
Weight Loss - 5.4 pounds 
Inches Lost - 2.25 inches 
Miles - 52.59 

Wellness totals for the year - Starting January 1st 
Weight Loss - 20.8 pounds 
Inches Lost - 10 inches 
Miles - 181.33 

Workout today - Rest day as I have a 7 miler tomorrow! 

Morning Drink - Lemon, warm water, cayenne pepper and Chai,Oolong tea with almond milk 


Breakfast - Chia seed, Maca root, raw caco protein shake with a 3 egg white omelet with black quinoa topped with fromage blanc 0% 


Lunch - Salmon, fromage blanc on flax pita bread, split pea soup with fresh berries 


Dinner - Flax pita with grilled chicken and black quinoa and raw veggie salad inside. A BIG bottle of water and hot tea. 



Krissa said...

Just wanted to say you are sooo pretty! Congrats on the itsy bitsy size! :)

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That's a clean diet for a healthy lifestyle.