Friday, March 11, 2011

March Meltdown Challenge Day 10 Results

Wellness totals for the year - Starting January 1st 
Weight Loss - 19.4 lbs 
Inches Lost - 8.75 
Miles - 161.33 

March Meltdown Challenge Results - Starting March 1st 
Weight Loss - 2.6 lbs 
Inches Lost - 1 
Miles - 32.59 

Workout - 5 mile walk with my girl. SO MUCH FUN!! My hamstring is still a bit tight but I think through resting this week I should be ok for my long run tomorrow. My pace will be slow but I will get it done! 

Here is a picture from our walk yesterday!! 


Breakfast - Salmon with formage blanc 0% on Ezekiel bread with a Maca, Chia protein shake 


Snack - 1/2 banana with naturally more peanut butter with celery and 1/2 Organic brown rice cake. 

Lunch - Black bean and chicken salad with greek yogurt salsa dressing 


Dinner - Tilipia wrapped in flax bread with cilantro, lime and pico de gallo. Greek yogurt with sriacha sauce 


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BrendaKaye said...

As always I love your food photos...great ideas and inspirational! What a lovely place to get to walk, and your daughter looks like a happy stroller baby (that is a great gift; as a mom of 7 I had some happy stroller babies and some that hated the stroller...trying to walk or worse get through the mall with a stroller screamer is unbearable!)