Thursday, December 31, 2009

26 weeks belly shot and update...

Today I am officially 26 weeks or 6.5 months along! I cannot tell you how fast this time has gone by. It literally seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant and now I am almost entering the 3rd trimester!!!

I have had several request for a belly shot so I figured now is a good time to start doing those every couple of weeks or so. I have so many photos of me during my pregnancy so far, but I wanted a close up of my ever growing belly!

I feel really good this morning in terms of my energy. I am heading out for a 3 mile walk in just a bit. I know it is not the long walks I have done in the past but at least it is something. My next apt is in 2 weeks and I am hoping for another good report from my doctor. I may have to lower my calories a bit if I am not walking so much in the third trimester but we will see what he says.

Now for the beloved weigh in! I am now showing a 15.6 pound gain! I am GROWING! I have gained 1.8 pounds in the past two weeks and I am perfectly happy with this. First of all, I am in that big growth phase where I am supposed to be packing on a pound a week. Then you add in Christmas and our anniversary trip and I have only gained .9 pounds each week, therefore I am right on track! Thank goodness the holidays did not put me over. If it did, it would not be the end of the world, but it does feel good to still be on track!

I found a good chart to track my weight gain. It shows you the high end and low end of typical pregnancy gains, then of course the average or middle ground where you should be. I am right in the dead center for 26 weeks! Yea! Would I like to be towards the bottom or the low end, well sure, who wouldn't, but I happy with where I am. I just need to keep going strong with my goals and stay on track, so far so good! I really do think I can stay within my range of 25 - 30 pounds.

Click HERE for a link to the chart for those who are pregnant and would like to use it!

Only 98 days left to go until my due date of April 8th! As I am writing this blog, my little girl is moving and kicking around, her usual morning exercise routine! She is saying a BIG hello to all of you!

I am now off to finish 2009 STRONG! A good 3 mile walk for me and my baby, drinking all my water, getting my fiber in and staying on track with my calories!


Enid said...

love the picture, have lots of fun during your pregnancy! Is so fun!

Angela said...

You look great!!! All belly :) So cute!! You are 6.5 months pregnant and doing 3 miles...and here i am, no kids, no pregnancy and i cant get my butt on the treadmill in the morning! LOL! You are doing great!!!

have a wonderful new years!!!

Cheryl said...

that is a great belly shot!!! Nothing like a beautiful growing belly, congrats..
You are inspiring to alot of people, I love your dedication

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

I am glad your doing so well and the bump looks GREAT!

I hope you have it on April 8th thats my moms birthday :-)

Hugs T.

Sandrelle said...

Beautiful belly shot, you are the picture of health, beauty and happiness. All the best for you in 2010 and an easy (and term) delivery!

Mary M said...

My birthday is your due date! An Aries!!! You will have a leader on your hands! Blessings for the new year and you look great!

Krissa said...

Love the pic! Pretty belly :)

Nicole said...

Beautiful belly Jen!! Looking fantastic :) I am due on 28th March 200. Nicole xx

brendaontheRun said...

You look fabulous! All the best for 2010!

barb:) said...

ahhh so freaking cute.

Shar said...

Found you through another fitness focussed pregnant blogger.
I'm nearly 33 weeks, due mid feb.
Great picture of your bump.
I will be following your journey, good luck.

Shar x