Monday, December 28, 2009

Workout results 12/28

Today was wonderful. My energy was high and I felt fantastic! During my walk I was doing SO great in the beginning. For a few minutes I walked a 12:01 pace UPHILL! It was amazing. Then of course I started getting super tired and I had to drop my pace down big time to a 15 mm. But it was wonderful while it lasted! I was missing my runs today seeing people out running and training for the upcoming marathons here. But I will have my turn soon, for now, I am walking for my baby and I which is far more important to me!

I had another great day in terms of my nutrition and when I finish dinner my fiber intake will be a whopping 88 grams for today! GOODNESS!! My calories are on track and so is my protein intake. I am having cravings though. BIG TIME! There are times where these commercials come on for pizza or something and my mouth starts to water. But I am staying strong and if it is not in the house, I am fine. That is key for me.

I hope to have another strong day tomorrow and end 2009 with a bang! Now after walking 8 miles today, doing 3 loads of laundry, a load of dishes plus raking leaves outside, I am zapped!

Workout for today - 8 mile walk

Morning walk - 5 miles
Time - 80 mins
Calories - 499

Evening walk - 3 miles
Time - 54 mins
Calories burned - 283

Total time and calories for the day -
Time - 134 mins
Calories burned - 782

Goals for today 12/28 - ALL GOALS REACHED!!!

1. Walk 6 miles - 8 miles DONE for today!!!
2. Eat at least 6 servings of fruits and veggies - 6 servings DONE!
3. Consume at least 35 grams of fiber - 88 grams DONE! WOW!
4. Consume at least 90 grams of protein - 125 grams DONE!
5. Drink at least 128 oz of water (1 gallon) - 1 gallon DONE but hoping to get in another 64 oz before bed time for a total of 1.5 gallons.
6. Log all foods and stay with in calories - 1,800 - 2,000 - DONE! 1,815 Calories consumed.


erin said...

88 grams of fiber?? Wouldn't that be physically uncomfortable? Wow.

Jen's Journey said...

YES! Between my fiber and all my water PLUS being pregnant - I feel as if I am going to BURST!!

It adds up, with all the veggies today plus that Bob's Red Mill Stuff I have been eating. Spark tracks it for me so I know how much I am eating and this is by far the most I have had in a day.

erin said...

I have had a few days in the 50s, but that is the most, so kudos to you!

And yes, I do blog mostly on blogger, but I will occasionally post blogs on Spark. I still use the site to track stuff, but that is pretty much it right now!

barb:) said...

awesome awesome awesome!