Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Super sleepy day for me but my little girl was VERY active!

This morning I had a doctors apt, nothing major just my normal checkup at the dermatologist. After for some reason my energy started going down hill fast. I came home and was exhausted as if it was night or something. I crashed and woke up this evening around 5:00 and now nothing has been done for the day! I drank most of my gallon of water because I started it early, but my walk, well, that did NOT happen. I am going to go out for a few miles tonight with my husband but it will not be the 6 miles I was hoping for. That is ok, tomorrow is a new day and obviously my body was tired and needed rest for some reason. Yes, I know I am pregnant but this was very out of the blue for me. I have had periods of fatigue but nothing like this. So now after sleeping the whole day I feel good but really I could lay down and sleep through the night, but I do need to get up so I can eat. This was just one really hard day for me.

On a lighter side my little girl was so active this morning and I felt her body move on the surface of my belly for the first time! I have been feeling surface kicks for weeks now but I have never felt with my hands on my belly her squirming and total body movements, if that makes sense. I was amazing, I wanted to both laugh and cry and the same time I could not believe it! It was as if I was feeling her rub up against my hands which were on my belly. It was a feeling that is hard to describe! I love her so much and we have not even met yet and every day she grows inside of me, I feel I grow to love her more.

I am off to get some food for my little angel. I promise to log my calories, walking and so on as I do everyday tomorrow morning. Despite being a total sleepy head today I will accomplish something! Well, really I think I already have. I have given my body rest and when pregnant, that is an important thing!

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TX Runner Mom said...

I remember that feeling so well! It's the one thing I missed about being pregnant...of course getting to finally hold your baby is even better! :-)