Thursday, December 03, 2009

Workout results 12/3

I am posting my results super early today as I have to get started on hanging the garland outside in preparation for my husband coming home to help with the rest of the lights. Finally, the front yard will be done! Yea! Then we are heading out to get the last tree! A live Douglas fir for the living room. I am excited about this because while we were living in Russia we only had a fake tree! I now have 2 trees up so far but need to get the final 2 up and decorated as I am running late this season.

My day was a good one. Great in fact! I am really excited as it seems we are going to have SNOW here tomorrow! Yes, snow in Texas! We live north of Houston in a city called The Woodlands. For the northern counties, including us, they were saying there is a possibility for up to 2 inches of snow! I am just so excited you have no idea! You would think after living in Siberia for 3 years I would have had my fill of snow but NO! I just love it!

I am going to work on my garland now but I wanted to say another BIG thank you for all your comments on my blogs. I try and reply to them but if I miss you know that I read each and every comment. It makes my day!

I have prelogged my dinner for tonight so I can stay on track with my calories. I am craving a weird combo for dinner but what can I say, I am pregnant! So we are having Hodgson Mill's Whole Wheat pancakes with a side of scrambled egg whites with one egg yolk. Basically breakfast for dinner!

Goals for today -
1. Drink at least 128 oz of water - 132 oz so far this afternoon....DONE!
2. Stay within calorie range - DONE! 1,756 calories consumed.
3. Walk 6 miles - DONE! I did 7.03!!!!
4. Consume at least 70 grams of protein - 87 grams DONE!
5. Consume 35 grams of fiber - 43 grams DONE!

Workout for the day - 7.03 mile walk
Time - 116 mins
Calories burned - 712
Calories consumed - 1,756

Totals for the week -
Time - 430 mins
Calories burned - 2,544
Miles - 24.58/30


Cheryl said...

HOw do you know your calories burnt? Do you wear a monitor?

Jen's Journey said...

Yes, I wear a HRM. My favorite is the Garmin 305 because it has the GPS which allows me to track my miles as well.

Marcelle said...

Am still impressed at how hard you training at this time.

Krissa said...

Do you walk all that at once? I get bored easily with walking. I can do 5 with my dog but I am really done at 3-4 but I do have to get home somehow so I am forced to do the other 2 :)

4 CHRISTMAS TREES! OMG. I cannot imagine. Thats a lot of hard work. I wouldnt mind putting them up, its the taking them down that sucks :) I bet your home is BEAUTIFUL!

Good job on always hitting your goals.

Hope you got some snow!!!!!!

Jen's Journey said...

Krissa -

About your question, sometimes I do walk it all at once, for example on Tuesday I did all 6 in the morning but yesterday I broke it up in a morning and evening walk. I have to see each day how my body feels.

I do get board and miss running but it is helping me stay fit and keeps the baby healthy so it is worth it in my mind.